YouTube SEO: A Guide for Advance Video Optimization

YouTube SEO A Guide for Advance Video Optimization

We are here to discuss about YouTube SEO but before going any further let me show you little stats. These stats will show you the importance of YouTube SEO. On February 2005, three former PayPal employees created a video stream service call YouTube. An American venture capital firm invested only $11.5 million on YouTube in November 2005. And next year, in November 2006, Google acquired it for $1.65 billion. Now, YouTube has over 1.3 billion users from all over the world— almost one-third of the Internet. I show this small stats to tell you how important YouTube now and how much fresh traffic source is hidden here. If you want, you can also earn handsome money right from here or you can get huge traffic for your business. All you need to optimize your video with proper YouTube SEO. Today I’m going to guide you about YouTube SEO step-by-step that can drive you massive traffic and huge money. Also, I’ll show you how you can rank videos in Google.

Step #1: Find the Right “Video Keywords”

First step first. Like any SEO, YouTube SEO also starts with Finding proper keywords in the title. Keyword research is the most important part of YouTube search engine optimization. You may already notice sometimes when you search in Google, it comes with YouTube results on the first page of Google. Our main goal is to replace them with our own videos so if someone searches for specific keywords our videos show there. These specific keywords label as “Video Keywords”. Google reserves a good part of SERP for it.


The main part of “Video Keywords” is if you don’t optimize your video with them, you will get targeted traffic for your videos only from YouTube. But, if you optimize your videos with it, you’ll get targeted traffic also from Google’s first page. You can start with “Video Keywords” something like this:

  • How-to keywords (ex:- how to make cake)
  • Reviews (ex:- FIFA 16 deluxe edition review)
  • Tutorials (ex:- setup wamp server)
  • Sports or Fitness (ex:- Fat Burning Cardio Workout)
  • Funny Videos (ex:- funny dogs)

Once you’ve found your “Video Keywords”, make sure your target keyword receives at least 300 searches per month in Google. You can use Google Keyword Planner or any other keywords finder to find search volume for keywords. Now place your keywords to the title of your YouTube video.

Step #2: Create your video for User engagement

Google usually uses backlink as a big factor to measure your site quality and rank. But, in this case, YouTube videos rank with user experience signals. As much as your user experience signals are better, the chance to rank with video is higher. In fact, a study says we can outrank competitors with 10x more views if our video has better user experience signals than our competitors. You can even rank for competitive keyword phrases if you keep some metrics in your mind when creating your video for the user experience. YouTube uses those metrics to define the quality of your video.



  • Audience Retention: If your video is not appealing, users may move on to the next video without watching the rest. Same as dwell time in on-page SEO. The more, the better.
  • Comments: It’s good to have communication on your video page. This show user enjoyed or at least watched it. YouTube likes comments.
  • Subscribers: Are people subscribing your channel after they watch a video? If someone subscribes to your channel after watching a video that sends a signal to YouTube that you have an amazing video.
  • Social Shares: This is an important metric in YouTube SEO. If Google sees your video is shared on social sites – Google+, Twitter, and Facebook – your video is going to rank better.
  • Favorites: This is another important metric. Viewer either favorite your video or add it to their “watch later” playlist.
  • Like and Dislike: Not hard to guess that the more you have, the better you do.

Make sure your video is at least 5 min long. Same as articles, longer videos rank better. Don’t worry about too long video. If it’s impressive enough, people will love it.


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Step #3: YouTube Video Optimization

We are finally here! We are going to learn here how to optimize your YouTube video when uploading. You have found your video keyword and created an awesome video. Now, it’s time to upload your video with proper YouTube video optimization. There is 4 stage of video optimization when uploading on YouTube.

youtube video optimization


  1. Video Filename: Include your targeted video keywords with suffix or prefix so it doesn’t look like keyword spam. For example, if you wanted to rank for the keyword “setup wamp server” name your video “setup_wamp_server_for_wordpress_video.mp4”.
  2. Video Title: Same as normal on-page SEO, make sure you include the keyword at the beginning of your title. For example, if your video keyword is “funny dogs”, name your heading something similar to “10 funny dogs video to free your stress at work”
  3. Description: Your video description is extremely important for YouTube SEO. Because Google or YouTube can’t watch or listen to your video. They rely on your text-based title and page description to discover your video’s content. So write a 200+ word description includes your keyword 3-4 times to inform them about your video content.
  4. Tags: Just include the main keyword and then a couple of related keywords.

Step #4: Get Your Viewer

More traffic means more view means a higher ranking. Let’s discuss how to get lots of real traffic that actually can boost your rank.



Link Your Video on Q&A Sites The easy way to get a lot of real viewers for your video is to mention your video on popular Q&A sites. Quora, Askville, Stack Overflow few of the top question-answer base site. Link Your Video on Email Signature An email signature is a great way to tell people about you. If you receive or send lots of emails every day, email signature can benefit you a lot. So, place your channel link, or your latest video and get high-retention views from all around the world. Embed Your Videos in Blog Posts You can reduce your bounce rate, increase dwell time and get a lot of real viewers to your YouTube videos just by placing your videos on your blog post. So, always try to place any relevant video in your blog post any possible way. Drop your video link in Social Media Everybody knows how much powerful and beneficial are social media. So, share your videos with your followers on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and get a lot of viewers to your channel.

STEP #5: Bonus Tricks To Use

Place competitor’s channel name in your tag You probably notice sometimes the same channel showing up in YouTube search again and again. What are they doing and how can you do the same thing for your channel? Well, just use their channel name as a tag in one of your videos. This sneaky trick will show up your video more frequently in the “related videos” sidebar for their videos. That means more viewers for you. For example, if you notice a channel name BlueTech ruling the YouTube search results and you want to show up your video in their related videos. Then, use BlueTech as a tag in your next video upload. Proper use of Featured Video function YouTube has an option to let you suggest your others video to your viewers. It’s a simple way to get more views for your YouTube videos. So, how to set this feature for your video?

  1. Go to your YouTube Dashboard
  2. Click on Channel Setting and then In-Video Programming from the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Choose the video under “Featured Video” and then start time and click update.


The main purpose of YouTube SEO is to get more viewers for your video. But remember only real viewers. If you use any freelance service to increase your views, YouTube is strong enough to detect that fake click. Just optimize your video proper way and drop your link any possible way we discuss in the post. Also, if possible create subtitle and closed caption for your videos. It makes easier for people with hearing disabilities or language barriers.


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