What not to do in Blogging? 5 Things to Avoid

what not to do in blogging 5 things to avoid

At the initial stages of blogging, people are in a hurry to get traffic, earn money fast and enjoy. With this view, they make many mistakes like ignoring the necessary and following black hat techniques. Bloggers should update themselves about what is happening in the blogging. They need to learn and apply them to their blogs.

If you ever want to make your blog successful, many things that need to be taken care of and many other things that should avoid at any cost. Never go for the black hat techniques which will destroy your blog.

5 Things to Avoid in Blogging

Heavy Back linking:

Many newbies know that backlinks will increase rankings in search engines. With this little information, they will create a couple of articles and start building Backlinks. They create 100’s and 1000’s of backlinks in less than a week from the low-quality website and expect their blogs to rank in Google. What they do not know is such kind of links will get your site penalized by Google.

There is a lot a to learn about Backlinks like Do-Follow, No-Follow, Social links, Quality links, DA, anchor text, and not just numbers. One backlink from the popular website will be equal to more than 100 average blogs.

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Permalink structure:

Permalink structure is an important SEO factor. It makes easy for search engines to index your blog faster and also more appealing to your readers.


See how uneasy to read the link. This kind of links does not even carry any keywords in it which require for ranking. Instead of this sort of link structures you need to select a short form of link structure which can have the keyword in it.

Here are few examples for a good permalink structure:

Date + long-form: http://www.abcd.com/2012/01/23/how-to-design-your-blog-for-awesome-seo/

Short form: http://www.xyz.com/writing-bullet-points/


Blogging should also be considered as your business. It needs good investment to maintain quality, speed, and easy customization. Every blog needs a good hosting, theme, content, plugins, emails and many other which can upgrade over time. There are also free to use quality plugins, themes, and emails provider with limitations which are good enough for beginners. Even though we can find many quality things for free but never choose a hosting plan for free. A free hosting plan will not give much control over your website and support.

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Advertising it the main source of bloggers even though we sell our products on blogs they should also be advertised to turn them into sales. But placing too many ads from different advertising networks will give a bad opinion to your users. They wouldn’t come to the website again and also will increase your bounce rate. Black hat techniques like clickjacking should never use on your blogs. Google may deindex your site from search engine and mark you as flagged.

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Yeah, Blogging is slow and steady process sometimes it may take years to get successful. Most of the people quit in less than six months they are into blogging. You cannot expect a website rank like a star within a month or two; it had crowded over the years by lakhs of websites. We need to be patient and provide our best for the blog.

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