How to show ads below post title or anywhere inside posts in WordPress

How to show ads below post title or anywhere inside posts in WordPress

Show Ads below post title or anywhere inside posts

Many bloggers uses WordPress as their blogging platform. They also monetize their sites with the help of any Advertising programs like AdSense, Chitika, Propeller Ads, CPM Fun etc. Just like the Blogger platform, you can add the Ad codes in to a WordPress site with the help of Widgets. But there will be limitations using these widgets. We can only show Ads at a predefined place. It will also depends on your theme.

There may be doubt that what’s the purpose behind showing Ads below post title or inside post contents. The main reason is, by showing ads below post your Ads will get more exposure. It will gradually increase your CTR (Click Through Ratio), which will boost your revenue. It also help you to show text ads inside the posts.

For inserting Ads inside posts you have to edit your Theme. It will be little bit difficult for a newbie blogger. So forget about editing themes. There are plenty of plugins available for inserting ad codes into your blog post. But the best one I found is “Ad injection”, which I’m using with this site. Its a perfect plugin for displaying Ads, also you will have the control over the Ads.

Ad Injection Plugin

For installing this plugin go to your WordPress dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New >> search Ad Injection >> click install >> then Activate plugin.

You can see this plugin is added to the “Settings” section of your dashboard. You can see a number of settings under this Ad Injection plugin.

1. Global Settings

Under this section ensure that Ads are Enabled. Otherwise none of your ads will show in your posts. There’s also one option for disabling ads. Its a good feature as AdSense team says it’s a violation against their policy to show ads on pages with no content or 404 errors. So tick on 404 and Search to disable ads from showing those pages.

ad injection plugin global settings

2. Ad Placement Settings

Check the below screenshot. In which 3 places were marked with red box. The first one is for restricting ads to show posts from less content posts. There will be Contact, About Us, or other less content posts in your blog. It will be good if you block Ads from showing these posts. So select the appropriate size from the drop down menu on this settings.

The second section under this settings is for controlling Random ads. Change the maximum number of Ads to 1 as you can only show 3 Ads per pages. Other wise it will show same random ad multiple times.

Next box showing were to place this random ad. You can show anywhere inside the post or select the paragraph you want to show the Ad.

ad injection plugin placement settings

3. Adverts

This section is for placing Ad codes. Select the appropriate position , and insert the ad code in it. There are 4 options but the 4th one is not supported by all themes. Scroll down and you can see some example codes for checking the Ad placements. Copy those codes and place here for experiment purposes. After you are satisfied with your Ad position replace them with your Ad codes.

To show Ads below post title

ad injection bottom ad show below post content

To show Ads randomly inside posts

ad injection random ad inside posts

To show Ads below post content

ad injection bottom ad show below post content

4. Ad insertion mode and dynamic ad display restrictions

If you want to show ads to a specific traffic source like Google search, Facebook etc , then use the settings under this section. You can also block specific IP’s under this section.

5. Tag, category, Author and Post Filters

This section is very helpful for filtering your ads for specific categories of posts. Just include the categories or post id’s in to the specific fields. The plugin then exclude Ads from these posts.

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