How to Setup AdSense for Search to increase Earnings

How to Setup AdSense for Search to increase Earnings

Setup AdSense for Search to increase Earnings

There’s no doubt that AdSense is the best way of monetizing websites. There are many bloggers using this network and making a good amount of money. It offers variety type of Ads like banner, text and links. There’s another option called AdSense for Search, through which we can increase our earnings. And in this article we will discuss about perfectly implementing them in our site.

There’s 3 different options given by the AdSense for showing the search results. You can show the result on Google page or show the result on a New tab or show the result with in your site’s page. You can choose any one option. The best one is to show the search result with in your page, so that you won’t loss the viewers.

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Creating Ad Code for AdSense for Search

For this login to your AdSense account, then click on “My Ads”. There you can see the option “Search”. If you can’t see this option, you have to apply for it. For this click on “Other Products”, were you can see different products offered by AdSense. In which apply for the product Search, and this option will added to My Ads.

adsense search box option for making revenue


After getting this Search option, click on that and the click “Custom search engines”. Now you have to fill various fields like below.


google adsense custom search engine code generation


Give the name for the Ad channel, I have entered as ‘search’. Then you have two options under, What to search. You can either choose to show search results from around the web or from your site only. Its better to select the second option. If you select that option it will ask the websites URL, which you want to include in the results. Add your websites URL there.


google adsense custom search result within website page

This one is what we discussed in the starting, as three options are there. The first two options for showing search results in Google page and the third one is to show result with in your website’s page. If you want to show the search result in a specific page, you can add that page’s URL there.

After doing filling these options and fields click “Save and get code”. The a pop up will open and you will get two codes like below.


ad code for google search box

The fist one is for showing the search box, and the second one is for adding to the place were you want to show the search results.You can add these codes to your site in any platforms like Blogger or WordPress.


WordPress users can check the below :


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