How to setup Custom Home Page in WordPress

Setup Custom Home Page in WordPress

Need to setup a Custom Home Page or Landing page or a specific page for your WordPress site ?. Then here’s the solution for you.

You guy’s know that most of the WordPress theme’s comes with a default home page. Mostly they show’s all the posts or some of them has features to add sliders and different categories at home page. Some bloggers want to change this and want to show a custom home page, or landing page. There are several plugins also present to create or build awesome cover pages or landing pages for our site. Or else we can set an existing page like About Us , Privacy Policy, etc.

So before adding a custom page, there must be a page for setting. So build or create the page. As this one one will be your Home page, make it good looking according to your site. So continuing this article assuming that you have already created a page for setup as Home.

Login to your WordPress dashboard and click on Settings >> Reading .

setup custom home page wordpress guide


There, you can two the options under Front page Settings. Either you can set your latest posts or a static page. For setting a custom page, select the second option. In which, click on the drop down menu on “Front Page” and select the page you want to display as Home page. After the selection procedure, scroll down and click “Save Changes”.

In that above screenshot you can see that I have selected “Home” as my Front Page. In this site I have changed the default home page and created a new one. If you are creating a specific Home page, then name it as “home.php”. WordPress will take it and set as the Home Page. So this can be also taken as another method.

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