How to recover website from Web Forgery reports

How to recover website from Web Forgery reports

Recover website from Web Forgery reports

Recently I have added one of the Ad network with my site (not this one), and some days later I keep getting one error warning from browsers. It said my site “Reported Web Forgery”. Then I checked with another browser and got the same issues. It all showing my site as a malicious site. Below I have added some screenshots from chrome and Firefox browsers.



Web Forgery Report at Chrome browser



reported web forgery by Firefox


The detailed report from Firefox as follows :

“This website has been reported as a web forgery and has been blocked based on your security preferences.
Web forgeries are designed to trick you into revealing personal or financial information by imitating sources you may trust.
Entering any information on this web page may result in identity theft or other fraud. “

So anyone who visits your site ends up with this error message, he won’t check further. He will close the site immediately, because the visitor will think it will harmful for them. So its a serious issue and if we find this issue we have to immediately take action to recover from it. 

How to recover from this Web Forgery Report

We have to do 2 steps for recovering from this issue. First one is to identify the links in our site, which causing issue. And the next is reviewing with Webmaster Tool.

1. Identifying Malware or phishing links in your site

The Web Forgery report mainly get’s after using some ad networks, some of the links going from your site may be affected by malware’s. So we have to check which links causing issue to our site. For this go to the following link and enter your site name. Its google’s tool for safe browsing site status.


safe browsing status web forgery checking

After entering your site name click on the search button, you will get the status of your site. It will show the links on your site, which causing issues. You can see a sample screen shot below.

web forgery testing

You can also check the issues in your site using this link. >>

Now you have got the links and remove them all from your site. If those links are caused by Ad Networks, then remove those networks (mostly pop ups) from the site.

2. Review using Google Webmaster Tool

The recovery has to be done through the Webmaster Tool. It’s one of the main reason behind adding your website to the webmaster tools. So if you are not added your site yet check the following link.


If you already added your site, then login to your dashboard. They already shown the error in your site there. Click on that message (If warning not found check under All Messages) and you will get an option for review your site.

Do the review only after removing those phishing links and with in one week you will get a message saying the review is successful. If the review is not success then do the steps again.


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