How to Properly Title your YouTube videos

How to Properly Title your YouTube videos

Properly Titling  YouTube videos

Titling YouTube videos ??? Some one may be thinking that “What’s the importance in that” or
”Why should we care about that”. We have to just upload our videos and give any title to them. But its a wrong thinking because titling is one of the most important thing in SEO of YouTube videos. If you are not properly doing it, you will lose a good amount of visitors to your video.

In one of my previous post, I had explained about how to properly upload a video to YouTube. There explained about various fields in YouTube uploading window like title, description tags etc. If you are not much familiar about those things take a look at that post.
Then how we will get a search optimized title ? For example if you are making a video about making money online, then go to the YouTube page, then on the search bar type “make money online”. Then you can see YouTube automatically fills the query and it will show different search options. Those are the highest searched words for that particular video. Take a look at the following screenshot.

get proper title for youtube videos

I just typed the first two words and it already showing most searched titles.

how to make prper title for youtube video

Now we will get the top search queries for that video. Pick up the the most searched query which is YouTube auto filling in the search bar. You can also add the keywords from the other search results and make your own title. Just click the search button and you will get top viewed videos. You will get some samples like “money making tricks” or “make money fast” , so take those keywords like “tricks”,  “fast”. People also like new videos so you can also include year with it. Also adding words like “How to”, “Top” are also good thing in optimization.

We got the title for the video right ?. But always remember to check the spelling of words in the title. If you make any mistake then the result will be loss of a good amount of viewers from that video. So give little bit care to it.

Then the question is should I just enter the title while uploading the video ?? .

The best thing is change the name of your video file with that title. Because YouTube automatically grabs the title from the video file and adds it to the title field. If  you already uploaded files, you may noticed that thing. They also suggests tags according to this title. So its the best practice to change the name of video file with the title before uploading.

Is this article helpful to you ? Please share your experience and feel free to ask queries about this article.

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