How To move Blogger to WordPress Without losing Google Traffic

How To migrate Blogger to Wordpress Without a Custom Domain

Moving Blogger to WordPress Without losing Google Traffic

Want to move your site in blogger to WordPress ?? You are in the right place. This article will help you to migrate to WordPress without losing any google search traffic.

There’s no doubt that WordPress is the better platform for blogging. So many guys like me ūüėČ starts blogging for fun and looks for free platform and choose blogger. As a free platform blogger is great, but there’s limitations in it and as the needs of blogger exceeds, we will need a better platform. The main advantage of WordPress is the availability of a great list of plugins. Which makes the life of a blogger much easier.

Now we can check how to migrate or move your site from Blogger to WordPress. First thing I want to know is that you have site ( u have using custom domain site (

If you own a custom domain then check the following article. I have made a specific post for that and just follow the step by step process.

If you own a site with extension , follow these steps. 

Step 1: Buy Domain and Hosting

As you don’t have custom domain you have to buy one and you will need hosting to install WordPress in it. There are many websites which offer domain and hosting with cheap prices. I have been using for my site and much satisfied with them.

Step 2: Install WordPress in your hosting

After buying domain and hosting, the next thing to do is installing WordPress in it. I have already made one article for this. I have been using BigRock hosting service and that article is based on them. Just follow the step by step guide.

Now you are ready to migrate from Blogger to WordPress. There’s¬†only slight difference in steps in moving site with custom domain and without custom domain. So I am not repeating those steps here. You can check the above post and follow steps from 4 to 7. Those steps are given below

Step 3: Move Blogger Contents to your Computer

Step 4: Import Blogger contents to WordPress

Step 5: Updating WordPress Permalinks

Step 6: Setting Redirection

Is this article helpful to you ??? Please comment your experience, also comment if you faced any issues during the migration process.

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