How to make a Channel Trailer for YouTube

Why should we make a channel trailer ??? Whats the purpose behind it ??

A Channel trailer is like a video description to your YouTube channel. You can set it on the welcome page of your channel. A person visiting your channel can first see this video, then he will know the purpose of your channel and what he will get your channel . It’s also ads the quality and appearance of your channel.

You can select one of your videos as this trailer of you can create a new one. Its better to create a new one, that apt for your channel. It should be less than 30mns. Make it short and attractive, add music which suits for your channel. You can tell the visitors to subscribe your videos at the end of the video which will help to grow the subscribers

For making a Channel Trailer

  1. First login to your YouTube account and click “My Channel” youtube mychannel
  2. For adding Channel trailer, you must enable channel browse view first. For that hover over the section with your channel name and click on the pencil sign appeared on the right side. Then select “Edit channel navigation “. youtube channel trailer
  3. A pop up will open now, in which click on “Enable” button for enabling browse view. Then click “Save”.                                                channel navigation youtube
  4. Now go back to your channel. You can see one new section “For new visitors” added there.                                                new visitors channel
  5. Click on this tab, and you can see the option for adding “Channel trailer” to your channel.                                                 channel trailer select
  6. Click on this button and select your video or enter the URL of your video. That’s all your channel trailer is set.

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Is this section helped you. Please share your experience here, also comment if you found any difficulties during this section.

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