4 Things to Know Before Buying a Domain Name

things to know before buying a domain name

The First thing you going to need to go ahead with your online business or blog is a domain name. Blogs require a good domain name because that is going to be the brand name of your blog. You may think a domain name is like any other name you give to things. But not, domain name had more to it in the background than just a name. Millions of blogs are there on the internet, and your blog should be unique than following the crowd. Everyone should remember this the name you select today is going to be there on the front of your website forever. Your domain name should not make you regret one day. So, we have listed some of the important things you should know before buying a domain.

4 Things to Know Before Buying a Domain Name

Domain Extension

choose domain name extensions

The most common extension one can find on the internet are .com, .net, .org, .gov and .edu. Since .gov and .edu are provided only for government and educational institutions most will stick with .com, .net and .org. These used to be the most popular domain extensions for the past two decades mainly due to popularity and SEO. Now there are tens of domain extensions coming out, and search engines are also preferring all the extensions equally. However public are trusting more websites with traditional .com, net and org extensions than the recent ones. So, for now selecting a traditional extension is better than the new domain extensions.

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Domain Privacy

domain privacy

Do you like to get tons of messages, calls, and emails every day from different web agencies, SEO companies, and hosting providers? If not, then you would better opt for Domain Privacy which will hide your details. Not only that they will leave you in peace but also they help to protect your privacy. Hackers are also waiting for chances to get an opportunity to hack a website. If somehow they found a way from your details that would be the end of your site.

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If you are on tight budget which is a standard issue in the initial stages, I would suggest not to opt for more than one year. By default, most of the registrars will force you to register a domain for 3 to 5 years. Registering for one year will help you to save few buck which you can use them for other things like hosting. If you have a good budget, and it is the only domain you will ever use, then you should pay for good time. Does not forget to use coupons every registrar provides coupons for the first year of the website.


HTTPs is a protocol for secure communication used for sites over the internet. It helps to encrypt all the data that exchanged between the site and users. Thereby protecting the site from hackers and maintaining user privacy. Most of the search engines are using the HTTPs as a factor of trust and ranking them over the traditional HTTP sites. Many well-informed internet users also prefer to provide their information like email, mobile number, and other details only on the sites with the HTTPs connection.
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These are some important things one should know before buying a domain name. There are many other things like SEO, transfer fees, premium domains which one should know.

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