Integrating Infolinks with blogs in WordPress

Integrating Infolinks with WordPress

In one of my previous posts about Best AdSense Alternatives,  I have mentioned that Infolinks is one of the oldest and trusted Advertising team. Many bloggers are using them along with AdSense or as an alternative to AdSense. Some of the newbie bloggers who use WordPress finds it difficult to integrate their website with Infolink. But unlike Blogger or other platforms, it is actually quite easy for WordPress users.

Infolinks team has launched their official plugin and by installing this free plugin we can integrate easily. For installation go to your WordPress dashboard. Under “Plugins” select “Add New” and search Infolinks Official Plugin. Install it and activate, this plugin can be then found under “Settings” tab in your dashboard.

For integrating Infolinks with platforms like Blogger, we have to add a java code to them. Which will get from your Infolinks dashboard under “Integrate” tab. Their you can also see the code snippet for WordPress integration. But when you are using their plugin, you don’t have to add this code to your site. You just have to fill the form in your plugin and it will do the things for you.

So go to your WordPress dashboard >> Settings >> Infolinks Settings. You can see the form to fill up.

infolinks official plugin for wordpress

You have to get two things from your Infolinks dashboard, one id Publisher ID and another is Website ID. For getting these login to your Infolinks publisher dashboard. On your dashboard click on >> Account >> My Websites.

infolinks dashboard for getting publisher ID

Copy the Publisher ID (PID) and Website ID (WID ) and paste it on the plugin settings. After that click on “Save settings” below, your website will show Infolinks ads after that. This plugin automatically turns on In Text, In fold and In Tag ads. For turning on other ad features like In Screen and In Frame you have to manually set them in your Infolinks dashboard.


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  1. How to setup infolinks through cloudflare?
    I turn on the infolink in cloudflare but it is not showing on my website?
    Do i need to add anything to my website?

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