How to Increase AdSense Earnings by Blocking Low Paying Ads

How to Increase AdSense Earnings by Blocking Low Paying Ads

Increase Google AdSense Earnings by Blocking Low Paying Ads

There’s no doubt that AdSense is one of the best method in Monetizing the websites. There are several alternatives and but no one can beat AdSense and the earnings offered by them. But one of the main issue facing by this users are low cpc (cost per click) . Especially from countries like India, the cpc rate is very low for some ads. So in order to increase earnings we need to find and block those low paying Ads.

There’s option in AdSense to block advertisement URL’s. So if we can find those low paying advertisements links, we can block them. It will gradually increase our cpc rates and as a result our earnings will also increases.

How to find Low Paying Advertisements

First of all you need to check the Ads which were displaying on your site. You can check this by visiting Google AdSense Sandbox and enter enter your website link on “Preview Ads” button. You can see the Ads which were showing on your site.

google adsense sandbox reviews ads

Now we need to find the low paying ads from them. For this go to Enter the Advertisers link, which you got previously and enter it here in the respective field. Then change the country and click search. In the “Ads” section (check the below screen shot), you can see that advertisers ad links and the keywords they targeting. There also a field for the cpc rate for each of those links. Check the cpc rate, if it is low then you can block that particular Ad from your AdSense Account.

find low cpc ad keywordspy for increasing adsense income

How to Block Advertiser URL in AdSense

For this, login to your AdSense account, you can see an option “Allow & Block Ads”. Click that option and you can see a field for blocking Advertisers URL. Just enter the ad link there and click on the button “Block URL”. That’s it, that particular ad won’t appear on your website again.

google adsense allow and block advertiser url low paying ads

Is this method helped you in increasing cpc and AdSense earnings ?? Comment your experience and feel free to ask any queries, the comment box is for you.


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