How to Choose a Best Domain Name for your Blog

how to choose a best domain name for your blog

Choosing a good domain name is a hard part in blogging. Since there are millions of websites, present on the internet so most of our desired domain names would not be available. However, there is still a huge chance of finding a suitable domain name for our blogs. We should think creative, out of the box and be unique in our thinking. Many factors should be considered while choosing a domain name. Your domain name is not the present it will be the face of your blogs future. So, we should be careful in selecting a domain name.

5 Factors to Consider in Choosing a Domain Name


People do not like to remember most of the things they read or see they will forget very quickly. If our blog name is long and difficult to read it would be a drawback. So, we need to choose a short domain name with characters between 6 to 14 would do fine.


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Adding keywords to a domain name will have two advantages. We can add a keyword most searched in your niche that could help to rank in search engines. That would also help users to identify the main niche of your website. The second use of adding keywords is when your preferred domain name is not available. If your favored domain name is not available, then use keywords related to your business.

Ex: if xolo is your desired domain name and is not available then you should come up with another name like It will have your business name and type of business.


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Numbers and symbols

People generally misunderstand numbers between “7” and “Seven” and don’t trust websites with symbols in a domain name. This is mostly due to many spam sites using hyphens in the process to recreate a successful website during the rise of the internet. Most people do not remember the exact position of the symbols and mistype the domain name. So, not adding numbers and symbols will contribute to gain subscribers easily for your blog.


Facebook, Mashable, TechCrunch all these websites names are easy to remember. They are not easy to remember because of their success today, and we use them every other day. Their names were created from the words that we use in our daily life face, book, mash, tech, verge, gadget and so on. Such words are easy to remember and quick to memorize. Having a catchy and memorable name does not make your blog succeed, but it is a start.


We should also be careful with the words we are using on our blog name. We should also research the name and find any copyrights, trademarks or licenses issued on them. If so we will be in trouble in future when you are successful and then we will be sacked to the ground with a copyright infringement.

For example, let’s say you have a photo studio in Texas, and you are trying to get a website to do your business online. Now you come with a name “” that was an excellent name. However, the word “Photoshop” is the product of Adobe, and they have trademarks to it. Since both of them related to the same category, they can file a copyright infringement on your site.

These are some main factors that should consider while choosing the best domain name for your website.


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