How to Submit and Verify website on Alexa

How to Submit and Verify website on Alexa

Submit and Verify your website on Alexa

Update : Alexa has stopped free claiming of sites. They officially says the claiming has been retired from March 2016. You can check their statement here.

Alexa, the website owned by Internet giant Amazon provides the best tool for checking website’s ranking. Ranking of website is very important because its the only way others can find how popular your site is.  Affiliate marketers and Advertising teams may will look at your Alexa ranking, so every blogger should add their sites and try to improve the ranking.

There are many tools available with Alexa, but most of them will be available only for pro users. For using them you must select any pricing schemes. But for a newbie it’s not necessary, just start the account as a free user and you can change to Pro account later.

Its quite easy to submit your website to Alexa. Just follow the steps below

  1.  First of all go to the Alexa website. Then click on “Sign Up” or “Plan and Pricing” button on top. Yo will then land on the Plan and Pricing page. Scroll down and you can see a link for claiming your site. alexa submit claim your website
  2. Click on the “claiming your site” link and you will can see a field for entering your Website URL. Enter your website’s link there, which you want to submit. You can add  blog or sites in any platform like WordPress or Blogspot. alexa submit website claim your website
  3. To continue submitting you should register in Alexa. You can use your email or Facebook account to sign up on Alexa. If you like to sign up with email, then enter the email id and new password in the respective fields and click “Continue”. Otherwise click on “Login with Facebook” button. Alexa add site sign up procedure
  4. Now you you have to verify your website. There will be three methods listed. You can use either first or second method. Third one is Pro users, as you are claiming your website as free user you can’t select this method. Select the second method which is quite easy. The next step is also based on method method for claiming website to alexa
  5. After clicking on method 2, the page will show your verification ID and HTML code for verification. You have to add this ID or HTML code to your website for verification process. After adding them to your website click on the “Verify My ID” button. You can see a message below this button as “Your site is successfully claimed”. That’s all you have completed the submitting process. Those who don’t know to add these ID or code to site can continue reading as I have separately created steps for Blogger and WordPress users. verify website with alexa using verification ID or html code

Verification Process for Blogger

Blogger users login to your dashboard. On dashboard click on Template >> Edit HTML then click anywhere inside the HTML code. Find the <head> tag by searching (CTRL+F). Copy the Verification HTML code which you seen earlier and paste under the <head> tag. Then click “Save Template” and go back to the Alexa site and click on “Verify my ID” button.

Verification Process for WordPress

If you are using any SEO tool plugin like Yoast SEO, then there will be provision for verifying Alexa inside them Just add the verification code in to it and click Save Changes. And go back to Alexa site and click on “Verify my ID” button.

alexa verification with yoast seo plugin

If you are not using any SEO plugins, then on your WordPress dashboard select Appearance >> Editor. The click on “header.php” (Theme Header) file and copy paste the verification HTML code below <head > tag. Click on “Update file” to save the header.php file and go back to Alexa site and click on “Verify my ID” button. 

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After successfully verifying the website, you can check your Alexa dashboard. It will take time to to show your website’s rank in the dashboard. Till the it will show No data for both Global rank and local rank. Scroll down and you can see several options and almost all of them will be locked. Those option will be available only for Pro users. But the comparison tool is available for free user, you can compare your site with any other site using this tool .

Alexa website dashboard

Before using these items add the details about your site in your account. For this click on “Site Management”  and select “Edit Site Listing”. You can see the provision for entering site’s information’s like Title, Description, Owner Info etc. There’s also one field for selecting the country in which you want to rank.


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  1. I’m confused to why people worry about Alexa so much. For example a website that I visit often has no rank in Alexa yet I use it everyday and have for some time. it therefore means very little I think to the importance of an average website user like myself.

    • Thanks for notifying that. I too noticed but forgot to update. Updated article now

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