How to show AdSense Ads below Post Title in Blogger

How to show AdSense Ads below Post Title in Blogger

Showing AdSense Ads below Post Title

We already discussed about placing AdSense ads in a blog/site on Blogger platform. But the limitation of that method using Widget is that, you can only show Ads in a predefined position. So in this post we will be discussing about showing Ads inside the post right after the post tile.

Why we need to place ads in this position ?? . Showing AdSense Ads just below the post will get more impressions. It will increase ur CTR (Click Trough Ratio), and by increasing it there will be dramatical change in your revenue.

Before the insertion process, we have to convert the Ad code otherwise it will show error while placing to the blog. Don’t worry there’s no harm in converting AdSense codes. Its not against AdSense’s Terms and Conditions as we are not altering the structure of the code. So firstly go to your AdSense dashboard and get the ad code. Then use the below link for converting your code.

> Adcode Conversion

Now login to your Blogger dashboard and click on Template. Always remember to backup your template code before doing any change in it. So click on “Backup/restore” button right top side and save a backup. After that click on “Edit HTML” button.

Now you can see the HTML cod of your blog, click anywhere inside it and search (CLT + F) the blow tag.


You can see this tag in multiple times inside your HTML code. But we need the second one, if this method does’nt work try with the next one until you get the result.

Now place the below code above this ” <data:post.body/> ” tag.

<div style=”float: left; margin: 10px 10px 10px 0;”>
<!– Add Converted AdSense Code Here–>

Replace the ” <!– Add Converted AdSense Code Here–> ” with your converted code. After changing it click on “Save template” button. Check your blog now, you can see the Ad right after the post title and aligned to left side.
if you want to show the ads align to center of the post body, then use the below code.

<div style=”text-align: center; margin: 10px 0 10px 0;”>
<!– Add Converted AdSense Code Here–>

And for moving the Ad to right side use the below code.

<div style=”float: right; margin: 10px 0px 10px 10px;”>
<!– Add Converted AdSense Code Here–>

As I mentioned before, If this method doesn’t worked, then place the codes after the next <data:post.body/> . Repeat this until you get the result. This method can also used for other Advertisement platforms like Chitika, Infolink Referral links etc. Like AdSense code, you have to convert those codes with the same tool before inserting into template HTML.

Is this method work for you ?? Please comment your experience. Also comment if you had any issues with this cod placing .

M S Sujeesh

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