How to show Ads on uploaded YouTube videos

How to show ads on YouTube videos ???

When you guys watches videos on YouTube, you can see ads showing on them. If you have one YouTube channel and want show the ads on them we will help you.

If you don’t have any YouTube channel yet, create one. You can check our step by step guide here

For showing ads on your videos, you should Monetize your videos with YouTube.

What is Monetization process??

Its a process needed to show Advertisement on your Video or Website. There are so many Ad providers which offers monetization platforms. If we want to make some money form our videos or websites, we should apply for their monetization programs. If they approves our application, you can start showing their Ads and make some money from it.

In order to show ads on your uploaded videos in YouTube, you should Monetize with them first. So lets begin

Step 1: Verifying Account

Before monetizing you should verify your account.For that sign in to your YouTube channel and go to Your channel’s Dashboard. You can directly go there by Clicking Here . Or check the right top corner, you can see your profile pic. Click on that and click “Creator Studio”.

youtube dashboard                                                           youtube channel settings

You will be redirected your channels dash board, in which select the option “CHANNEL”.  Click on “Verify” button to start the verification process.
youtube channel verification

Now you can see a window for Account verification.For verification you must have one  mobile number. Google will send you one verification code to this number. Firstly select your country and then select any option for receiving your verification code. Then enter your mobile number and hit “Submit” button.

youtube channel verification process

Now you will get the verification code on your mobile. Enter it into the next screen and click verify. If you are successfully verified your code, your channel status will now show “Partner Verified”.

verification code for youtube

Step 2: Monetizing Channel

After successfully verifying account, we can now monetize our channel. For that once again go to your dashboard and select “CHANNEL”. You can see the option to “Enable” Monetization there. Check the below screenshot.

enable monetize youtube video to show ads


On the next screen, click on “Enable My Account”.

enable my account

Now a popup will open, You have to agree to their Terms and Conditions to Monetize your channel. For that click on all terms and click “I Accept”. 

youtube terms and conditions

monetize youtube to show ads

That’s all you have successfully Monetized your channel.


Step 3: Showing Ads on Video

Monetizing your channel doesn’t show ads on your video, for that you have to individually on monetize option in each video. If you already uploaded videos in to you channel go to your dashboard and select “VIDEO MANAGER”Were you can see all your videos, select the “Edit” option in the video you want to show ads. Now on edit window, you can see the option “Monetization”. Select it and slid the button to right to show ads.

During uploading follow the same procedure to enable Ads. Check the below screenshot, in which I had enabled ads for one of my video in my channel.

monetize videos

If your video is successfully monetized, a dollar ($) sign with blue color will show on the right side of your video in Video manager. The blue color means video is monetized, other wise it will show grey color. If your video contains any copyrighted materials, google will catch that and disable monetization for that particular video.

youtube video manager


Screenshot of Video Manager

1. Video with Copyrighted content

2. Video not Monetized yet

3. Video monetized successfully






Now you guys are ready to show Ads on your videos. But not just showing ads on video’s won’t bring you money. For that you have to integrate your channel with Google’s AdSense program. If you are interested to make some money from your videos, check my below post.

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