How to Properly Upload videos to YouTube

Properly Upload videos to YouTube

YouTube the biggest and popular video sharing platform on Internet. We already explained about creating YouTube channel in one of  the previous article. While uploading video to YouTube certain settings and things should be done. Otherwise your video will be uploaded but it won’t get reached in to right hands. This article will help you to upload videos properly to your channel.

First of all login to your YouTube Channel. You can see an “Upload” on the right top corner. Click on it and you will directed to the uploading window. You can also upload videos by clicking this direct link >>

uplaod video into youtube channel

Drag and drop the video file you want to upload in to this window . As soon as the video dropped in to this window, the uploading process will start and a screen like below will opens.

I have one YouTube channel and I had taken some screenshots during the uploading of one video. I had dropped one video in to the upload window and the following screen opened. In which you can see the status of the uploading process. Its now reached to 10% and showing 1 minute remaining, it will depend up on your size of the video.  You can see 4 tabs Basic info, Translations, Monetization and Advanced Settings.


youtube video uploading properly

By default the screen will show the Basic info tab. The tab will automatically select the title of the video file in to its title section. You can change or later this title. My video file’s name was “funny goat whatsapp video” and it automatically grabbed it into the title section.

Now enter the description of your video to the Description field. Tags field is like adding keyword to your video. For example in this video I have added funny video,whatsapp video,comedy etc as tags.

You can change the video’s visibility to private or public by selecting it from the drop down list on right side. By default it will be public. The section below to it is for social sharing. Tick on the google plus and twitter buttons to share the video during publishing. If you want to add some message you can add it there.

The translation tab is needed while you needed to translate your title and description in to another language. For this you have to buy the Google translate beta version. If you are interested then give a try otherwise forgot about it.

The next tab is Monetization. We already discussed about monetizing YouTube channel. If you are enabled monetization, then you have to use this tab to enable ads on your video.

youtube video enable monetize

You have to do is just slide the button in to right side. Then it will show the different types of ads which will show on your video. If you want to disable any kind of ad,just remove tick the box below them.

If you are not monetized your channel yet, check the below post.

Now we can move on to the next tab, its Advanced Settings. The the uploading process is going on the background and it reached about 95% now. In this tab we can set the category of the video. Just select the category from the drop down menu. I have selected comedy for this video.

youtube video uploading advanced settings

You can also set Video location and language in this section.  If your video contains things which are not suitable for younger one’s then tick on the enable age restriction.

After doing the settings, we can go back to the Basic Info section. Now you can see the upload status window and Video thumbnails section on below were showing images. YouTube automatically grabs three thumbnail images from your video and set one of them in to your video. You can change this thumbnail by any other video in your computer by clicking “Custom Thumbnail” button below.

youtube video uploading properly

The uploading process is completed now. After the completion of video just click on the “Publish” button to make your video live on the Internet.

After upload videos to the channel go back to your dashboard and check the status of your video. Select the Video Manager tab in dashboard,  If you monetized your video and YouTube accepted it, there will be a blue colored dollar($) sign on the right side.

Sometimes there will be a “Improve this video” tag near your video in dashboard. This is because there will be any quality issue or syncing issue in your video. Click on this and YouTube will show a preview of improving. If you want to improve the video just click on “Okay” button and YouTube will do it for you.

youtube video improve quality

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