How to properly Interlink blog posts in WordPress

How to properly Interlink blog posts in WordPress for better SEO

Interlink Blog posts in WordPress

Interlink is the link to to your old blog posts. It’s one of the major strategy of On Page SEO. Most newbie bloggers doesn’t understand the benefits of interlinking and it’s importance in Google search ranking. In this article we will discuss about the benefits and the best tool to properly do the interlinking.

Why Interlinking Needed ?

  • Visitors can navigate through the old posts.
  • It will increase views to your site.
  • As the views increases your Bounce rate will decrease gradually. Its one of the main benefit of Interlinking.
  • Helps search engines to crawl and index your each and every page.
  • Help to increase your Search ranking.

How to Properly Interlink Posts ?

You can add interlinks either by manually or with the help of plugins. If you want to do manually then select the keywords in your post and with the help of “insert/edit link” option in your text editor tool box, you can add links of old blog posts. Add relevant post links and don’t do more interlinks with in a post, it will look like spam to the search engines.

If you have more posts then manual interlinking each time will be harder. The best way is to use plugins, WordPress comes with a variety of plugins and in which I found one plugin which is most suitable for this purpose. It’s “SEO Smart Links” plugin, which will take care of the interlinking of your blog. It will check the relevant contents and automatically interlink posts.

SEO Smart Links : Best plugin for Interlinking

SEO Smart links is a great plugin which will take care of interlinks, affiliate links, adding no follow tags etc. Install this plugin from your plugins section in dashboard. A new section will be added in to your dashboard with the name same as the plugin.

Check the screenshots of this plugin, which am using with this site NewbiesWorld.
seo smart links wordpress plugin settings

The automatic interlinking will do the linking process. Just check the boxes to select the target of your links.

seo smart links wordpress plugin automatic interlinking

You can the posts or pages which you want prevent the plugin to generate links. By default there will be Contact and About us pages.

seo smart links wordpress plugin ingnore posts and pages

If you created a lot of interlinks, the search engines may look it like spams. So always limit the number of interlinks in your post.

seo smart links wordpress plugin setting limit

You can use this portion of settings to control the external links. You can open the external links in new window. You can also add nofollow attribute to the links if you like.

seo smart links wordpress plugin external linking

One of the best feature of SEO Smart links plugin is the ability to add the affiliate links. You can combine the keywords and links here. For example, if you have an affiliate link to BigRock and you want to link all the keyword “bigrock” with its affiliate link, just add the keyword here along with “|” sign and affiliate link. You can add multiple keywords just check the samples given on the screenshot.

seo smart links wordpress plugin custom keywords


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