How to Fix the Missed Schedule problem with WordPress posts

How to Fix the Missed Schedule problem with WordPress posts

Fixing “Missed Schedule” problem

Like the Blogger platform, WordPress has also an Schedule post feature. But when I used this feature I found it’s not working with my site. The scheduled posts then labelled as “Missed Schedule”. At first I thought I’m the only one suffering from this issue, but then I realized that several bloggers getting the same problem.

The Missed Schedule problem is mainly due to 3 reasons.

1. Websites having too low traffic

Scheduled posts won’t appear on your blog until someone visits it after the scheduled time . If you scheduled a post for Match 17 2016 at 10 am and no one visited your site between 8 am and 2 pm, then WordPress won’t update check anything on your site and the scheduled posts will be labelled as “Missed Schedule”. Check 3rd point for more about this issue.

2. Different Time Zone

The posts will be miss scheduled if the timezone between your location and server. For fixing this issue go to your WordPress dashboard then Settings >> General >> check your Time Zone. If its not the correct one, select the appropriate one and click “Save Changes”.

3. Issue with WordPress WP-CRON

Wp-Cron does the cron jobs for WordPress. It’s a UNIX command for scheduling jobs to be executed in the future. it could be used to schedule a job that is executed periodically or just once. The actual reason behind the 1st point is issue in updating wp-crons. WordPress doesn’t update this wp-cron until some one visits your site. So wp-cron won’t check the scheduled things in your blog and the post will labelled as “Missed Schedule”.

There will be a real cron job in your server, but WordPress doesn’t have permission to access them. For fixing this issue with cron jobs, you can to manually edit the cron in your host. For a newbie blogger this will be a confusing one. So am suggesting on of the plugins available in WordPress which will take care of the “Missed Schedule” issues in you blog.

Solution using Wp Missed Schedule Plugin

Plugin not available now..Didn’t found any alternate plugins for fixing this issue

wordpress missed schedule fix failed future posts

Wp Missed Schedule plugin is a great one which will automatically checks for any missed posts in your blog. It will then publish them correctly. So you don’t need to worry about this issue any more. Just go to your dashboard and install this plugin. There’s no settings needed for this plugin, just activate it and it will do the work for you. I will check the posts every 10 minutes and fixes 10 items in each sessions.

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