How to create and insert AdSense code in blogger

AdSense code creation and placing into Blogger

AdSense is one of the best way to monetize your website or blog. You can earn money from your blog by this. I think your blog already got approval from AdSense team. If you find it difficult there’s alternative ways are available to monetize your blog. Any way if you got any one of this platforms this post will help you to place ad codes.

First of all you have to create the ad codes for placing in to the blog. If you are an AdSense users login to your account and click on “My ads” tab.

my ads tab in adsense

Then click on “New ad unit”

new ad unit

Now enter any name for the ad unit and select the ad size. Finally click “Save and get code”. Now a pop up will open, which will show your ad code. Copy this ad code for placing in to your blog.

get adcode from adsense account


If you guys monetized using any other alternative platforms like Propeller Ads, CPM Fun, Adsoid etc, then go to your respective dashboard. You will get the tools for creating ad codes there. It may named like Ad code generator, Ad Tag, or something else. Use them and get your ad code.


Now we can move to the blogger side. Now login to your blogger dashboard. Then click on “Add a Gadget”.

blogger dashboard layout


A pop up will open, showing a variety number of gadgets. In which select “HTML/JavaScrip ” widget. And paste your AdSense code or ad code form other platform in it. Click save and then click “Save the arrangement ” button on layout window. Now view your blog, it will show the ad at the respective place.

Depending upon your Template. the layout structure maybe different. So just look for “Add a gadget” at the place you want to add the code and place the ad code in it.

This post will only help to add the codes to the places were gadget insertion is possible. If you want to show the ads in other places check the below posts.

M S Sujeesh

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