How to create a free blog in WordPress

Creating a Free blog in WordPress

Want to Create a free Blog ?? We already discussed about creating one using Blogger platform. Now we will  discuss about making a free blog using platform.

When you guys search about WordPress, you can see two different sites and The first one is Self Hosted and the next one is free.  For getting self hosted blog you should pay for domain and installation. We will discuss about that later.

Blogger Vs

Now coming to the free blog side the question comes in mind that Which one is better Blogger or These two platforms has its own Pros and Cons.

Blogger is owned by google and the ownership of your blog goes to them, not to you. They have all the rights to shut your blog down at nay time. But don’t worry its only in the case of violation of their policies.You have to work really hard on SEO, the site reach is very low. You can edit html codes and can add themes to your blog. And the best part is you can do Advertising on your blog and can make some money.

In the case of, you are owner of your site. No one will shutdown your sites. Site reach is high comparing with Blogger blogs. But the main issues are, you can’t upload themes and add plugins. You also can’t Advertise on your site, till the page views gets 25000 views per month. .Only 3 GB storage space if the space exceeds you have to pay for more.  If you are looking for a platform for just blogging and your contents, its really a nice one.

Just want to mention that, if you want the qualities of Blogger and in a single platform, you should try For that you should make some investment, but its worth for the money. You can have full control over your site, can add themes and plugins.

Installation Steps for WordPress.Com

>> Go to website and click on “Create Website”

wordpress start page

>> Next you have to create your domain name. Enter your domain name on the field and click search button or press Enter key. It will show the available domain names and prices. Select the one with free cost.

select domain plan

>> Next screen will show the costing and plans. Select the free one.

slect free blog plan>> Now create your WorPress account by entering your mail id, desired username and password.

create a free blog wordpress account

>> That’s all your free blog is ready. You will now redirected to your blogs dashboard. WordPress will send oneverification link to your mail id, click on that to verify your account.


wordpress dashboard

Now you can create your posts and Pages and also customize your theme. Customize by adding some widgets and add Menu’s to make your site a better looking.


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