How to check YouTube earnings in AdSense

Checking YouTube Earnings in AdSense

Did you integrated YouTube with AdSense and confused to check your YouTube earnings. Earlier we discussed about making YouTube channels and integrating it with Google AdSense. By monetizing your YouTube channel you can make some money. There are plenty of people out there, who makes a nice income from this.

Those who got approval may be little bit confused while checking their AdSense account. On the home page you can see the details like estimated earnings, current balance and page views. But how to check the check YouTube’s total or detailed earning reports  ??. Just follow these steps

> Login to your AdSense account dashboard >>

> You can see four tabs on top staring from “Home”. Click on the 4th one “Performance reports”.

> Now change the ‘Report type’ from “Days” to “Product”youtube earnings performance reports

> Now scroll down and you can see “Hosted AdSense for content”.  Click on it.hosted adsense for content

> Now the screen will show your YouTube earnings. If you want to check your total earnings, change “Last 7 days” on the right side to “All time”. Now the total earnings will show your all time earnings. youtube earnings report

>By default YouTube earnings will show in Dollar. If you want to check it in another currency change“USD” to to your currency code. For Indian users, change it to “INR”. Now the earnings will show in Indian Rupees.

Did you got approval from AdSense through YouTube or Blogger ??. Then your AdSense account will be a Hosted account. You can check that by checking a red colored warning on top side besides your mail id showing “Hosted account”. You can upgrade this to normal AdSense account. Check my below post for more details.

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