How to add website to Google and Bing Search Engines

how to add or submit website to search engines

How to add website to Search Engines

Adding or submitting website to search engines is one of the basic steps in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Many newbie bloggers creates sites and says that their site is not showing on search engine results. For showing in then search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc you have to manually submit your website URL to them. Until then your website won’t show up on search results.

You can check whether your site is showing in search result by entering “” in google search. You will get a search result like below.

checking website indexed on google search

If you found you site on the search result you don’t have to submit your URL otherwise follow the steps given below.

Submitting URL to Google Search

As you all know, google is worlds biggest search engine and submitting your site on it will bring you more traffic to your site. For this process go to the following link.


You can see a page like below screenshot. In which enter your website’s link on the URL field. Click on the reCAPTCHA, its just a captcha checking to conform you are human. Finally click on the “Submit Request” button. It will take some time for google to show sites on its search result.

submit url to google search engine

Submitting URL to Bing and Yahoo Search Engines

Submitting website to Bing is simple as google. You can get the URL submitting tool under the Webmaster section of Bing. You can directly go to the link by clicking the below link. Yahoo search doesn’t required separate submitting. You have to just submit your site to Bing, yahoo will take it from there.


Check the above link and it will take you to a page like below. Add your website link in the URL field, fill the captcha and click on “SUBMIT” button.

submit url to bing and yahoo search engines

After submitting URL to these search engines, they will review your site and they will include it in their search result. This just help you to show the website on search result, but for indexing each pages in search results you have to submit your website’s sitemap in to their webmaster tools.

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