How to Hide Title of a specific post or page in WordPress


Hide Title of a specific post or page

Some times the bloggers want to hide title of specific post or page. One of the main requirement I faced is while setting Home page of site with any page. After setting the Home, the page title is visible there and its very annoying. For newbie bloggers it will be difficult to alter codes and hide the titles. So we will use one plugin for this purpose, its simple and easy to use.

Hide Title WordPress plugin will help you without altering codes. For installation login to your WordPress dashboard and Plugins >> Add New and search for the plugin and click install. After installation activate the plugin.

For hiding title, click on “Edit” option on the page or post in which you want to hide the title. You can see a new field is created “Hide Title” on the right side bar by this plugin.

hide title post page wordpress solution

Just click on the meta box and update the page or post. The plugin will automatically hides the title.

There’s some drawbacks with this plugin. Plugin is not updated for a while and the developers are not solved the issues yet. The main issues are, it can’t hide title’s with special characters. As you go through the reviews on the plugins page, you can see many people complains about this issue. There’s another issue that the title will flashes each time before hiding it. So you can see the title on the page or posts for a second and some people doesn’t likes this.

But if you have difficulties in altering codes then this plugin is definitely for you. Some themes also not support the altering processes so in that case also you can use the help of this plugin.

If you want to hide title of page or post without the use of plugins then follow the blow steps. You have to add a one line code in to your Stylesheet. For this login to your dashboard then Appearance >> Editor >> open Stylesheet – style.css. Then add the below one line code to the bottom of Stylesheet.

For Hiding title in Page

.page-id-56  .entry-title {display: none;}

The code for post is not same and there’s slight change.

For Hiding title in Post

#post-345 .entry-title {display: none;}


**NOTE: don’t forget to include the dots in the codes. 

The number included in the code is the ID of post or page, in which you want to hide the title. If you don’t know how to get that ID, check the below post.

After getting the ID, replace the ID in the code and paste it at bottom of Style.css and click “Update file”. Then check the post or page, there won’t be any title now.

Is this article Helpful to you? We are eagerly waiting for your experience. If you had found any issues with this article or plugin please share with us.

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