How to Get Your Site on the First Page of Google without Spending One Cent

How to Get Your Site on the First Page of Google without Spending One Cent

Myth – You need a 5-figure marketing budget to get your website on the first page of Google for your chosen keyword phrases!

This simply isn’t true. With a bit of time and patience ANYONE can beat the big Fortune 500 companies (that spend thousands on SEO) at their own game.

Why is it so important to get your site on the first page of Google?

In most countries, Google is the preferred search engine for over 60% of web users, with Yahoo a distant second at between 15% & 20%. Get your site ranked highly on Google – where you will get most of your traffic from – and your rankings in the other search engines will take care of themselves.

Secondly, if you are not on the first page of Google – & hopefully in the top 3 – you are not going to see much search traffic. Studies have shown that the site with the #1 ranking will receive about 35% of the searches, #2 about 15%, & #3 about 11%. By the time you reach #10, they only receive about 2%!

This shows the incredible value of having good rankings on Google for your chosen keyword phrases.

So how do you rank for a particular keyword phrase?

Links & content, keyword rich links from other websites to our own. These links should not just be pointing to the home page of our site but spread across the internal pages of the site as well.

These keyword rich links or anchor text need to be your keyword phrase hyperlinked with your website address. For example, American Jeans is a keyword rich link to the home page of this site for the keyword phrase, American Jeans.

It also helps to make sure you update your site as often as possible with some quality, relevant content. Having a blog as part of your site is an excellent way to do this. I would suggest once a week as a minimum, but the more often, the better!

There are a few on page things you can do that will help – meta tags, header tags, keyword rich content, keyword rich domain (EMD is not dead) – but for most keyword phrases, this alone won’t be enough to get you the top rankings. You will still need to build off page links.

How do you get these links?

There are many different ways to build those valuable backlinks to your site, but I will just go through some of the more standard free methods.

  1. Article Marketing

    Article marketing involves writing articles (usually around 400 to 700 words in length) that target to the type of people you want to attract to your store. You then submit these articles to several popular article directories on the net. A couple of the best are EzineArticles & ArticlesBase, but there are thousands you can use.

  2. Press Releases

    Anyone can submit a free press release about his or her business. Just do a search on Google for ‘free press release site’ and submit yours. Press releases are a great way for not only building links but gaining possible media exposure for your business.

  3. Blog Commenting

    Find blogs in your niche & start getting involved by commenting on their blog posts. Try to make the comments thoughtful & helpful as this will increase your chances of getting the comment approved.

  4. Forum Signatures/Posting

    Find forums in your niches & start hanging around a bit. Get involved and help others out by answering their questions. Try to avoid blatantly promoting your site – this will get you banned – but you should be ok to include a link here & there if it will help. Many also allow signatures in which you can link to your site.

  5. Social Marketing

    Social marketing is quite big these days, but on Facebook, Twitter & a huge array of smaller sites. You could start your Facebook fan page & offer people an incentive to sign up – free information, product discounts.

  6. Video Marketing

    Create a video related to your niche & upload it to YouTube, MetaCafe, and other video sites. You can create one using a digital video recorder or on your computer using free screen recording software like CamStudio.

You will also find that these methods not only help in building backlinks but also contribute to driving traffic directly to your site as a bonus.

So let’s start today! Figure out how much time you can put into these methods, then work out a weekly plan to promote your site. Maybe you could write & submit three articles, make five blog comments, five forum posts & 2 videos!

Whatever you think you can do – set a plan & make a start now. Every little bit will help to drive more of that web traffic to your site & not your competitors.


I am Rafiqul Hassan Piyada from India. I am a professional blogger, content writer, web designer, and freelancer.

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