How to get free dofollow PR9 backlinks from Google plus

Get free PR9 backlinks from Google plus

Building backlinks are one of the main step in SEO, and you must get a good number of dofollow backlinks from high page rank (PR) sites. As you all know Google plus is one of the popular social media with Page rank 9. So getting dofollow backlink from it will help you in SEO and improving Alexa rank. Then how can we build this PR9 backlinks from Google plus??

I think most of guys already using Google plus and if you are not just sign up with your google account. It’s better to create a separate Google plus page for your website. It will be very helpful to share your website posts and connect with communities with your site niche.

If you are not created a page yet, login to your Google plus profile, Check the drop down menu in “Home” on right side. You can see an option named “Pages”.

google plus page creation

Click on this and there will be a “+” sign button for creating new page. Use this button and you will get the option for creating a new page.


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Now we will check how we will get the dofollow PR9 backlinks from it. For this open the page you are created, or the profile you wish to add the link, then click on “About” tab.


google plus free dofollow backlink building


Check the about screen shot, on that About tab you can see on Story and “Edit” option in it. Click that “Edit” and you add the Tagline and Introduction for your page.


google plus social media about us description


Write tageline and Introduction based on your site and try to include the keywords. Now we will enter the site link using the “Link” option. Click on that “Link” option and one popup will open. In which you can add the link and the text to be display on it. After adding the link link click “OK” button ans “Save” the Story.


get free pr9 dofollow backlinks adding google plus page


Thats all you have successfully added the link and the following screen shot shows how the About tab will now look like. You can see the dofollow link underlined with red color.


dofollow backlink google hig page rank seo tips


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