How to Solve 404 error on custom domain in blogger without using www

How to Solve 404 error on custom domain in blogger without using www

Fixing 404 error on custom domain in Blogger

After adding Custom domain with blogger sites some users get 404 error. It happens to them while entering site name without prefix www. For example if your website name is “” and you entered your URL as “”, without prefix it will give you error. Not all bloggers get this 404 error but only for some users suffer from this issue and some users won’t notice this.

Its a serious issue as some people prefer to enter site address without www. Also if your site name show in google or other search engines without this prefix you will get 404 error into your site. Not only you loose impressions but also its affects your rankings. The following screen shows the error page and the users will thing your site is not working at all.

blogger custom domain error 404 without www

Then whats causing this issue with naked domain name? . Its the redirecting problem from the naked domain ( without www) to the domain name with prefix www. The solutions is very simple.

1. Login to your blogger dashboard.

2. On your dashboard click on  >> Settings >> Basics.

3. you can see the redirection under Publishing. You can see a meta box for redirecting naked domain to domain with prefix www. In your case there won’t be a tick inside that box. That you are getting 404 error, as the link without prefix not redirecting to your domain. So just tick on that box and click “Save” button. That’s all your problem solved.


solution for blogger with custom domain 404 error without www

This one was so simple right?. Some issues are like this, the solution may be simple but it causes a big trouble. I am also faced this issue after changing the blog to custom one. But I didn’t get noticed as am always type site name with prefix. And then one of my friend told me that he’s getting this 404 error with my blog. Only then I realized and immediately solved the issue.

Is that solution helpful to you? Am eagerly waiting for your experience. Also comment if you are not able to solve the issue yet.


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