How to enable AdSense Page Level Ads In Blogspot or WordPress

How to enable AdSense Page Level Ads In Blogspot or Wordpress

Enable Google AdSense Page Level Ads

Page Level Ads are one of the new feature available for AdSense publishers. These ads targets the Mobile devices and shows Ads when some one visits your sites through Mobile. Its a good feature to increase your earning as today most guys using Mobile phones for surfing on Internet and a good amount of traffic getting though them.

It will not interfere the users, as some other Ad Network’s mobile ads makes annoying experience to users. It will show relevant ads at right time with right Ad format. AdSense has given this feature to almost all publishers, and if you are not got one yet just wait for it.

AdSense offers two different types of Page Level Ads. First one is Anchor/overlay ads and second one is Vignette ads. Fist one shows at bottom of the mobile screen, which will be stick in to it and the user can easily close it. The next one is mobile full screen ads, which will appear between page loads.

Main feature of Page Level Ads

  • They won’t count in to the 3 ads per page limit, so you can use it along with 3 other AdSense ads in your site.
  • It will only display on Mobile optimized site, so you should use a good responsive theme.
  • It won’t affect the page loading time
  • It won’t annoy the users, as they appear only on right time and right format and the user can close them easily.

Enable Page Level Ads in AdSense

If AdSense has given this feature to you, it will show a message under Optimization tab. The message will be like this “Take the advantage of new Page-level ads for mobile”. And there will be a button for enabling it. Just click on it for enabling the feature.

enable adsense page level ads for mobile

Now check My Ads tab, there will be a new option “ Page-level ads” under Content. click on that and you can see the two option which I mentioned earlier. You can use both one or can enable only one of them For that just click on the button which I marked with red arrow.

google adsense page level ads increase revenue

After enabling the Ads, you have to create the ad code and integrate with your website. You can see and option for creating ad code like below screenshot.

ad code generation adsense page level ads

Just click on the “Get code” button and one popup will open and you will get the ad code.

add the code for page level ads to pages

For WordPress Platform :

If you are a WordPress user, then copy the ad code and paste it under <head> tag of Theme Header file. For this login to your dashboard then Appearance >> Editor >> click on header.php and look for <head> tag and paste the code below it. (or paste the code top of the <body> tag).

For Blogger Platform :

Blogger users can’t paste the ad code directly in to their template. They have to convert the ad code before pasting them, for this check this link >> Ad Code Converter

Just paste your ad code there and click convert and copy the code. Then login to your blogger dashboard. Click on Templates >> Edit HTML >> paste the converted code under <head> tag.


After adding the codes, both WordPress or Blogger platform user can preview their ads. For this open any browser in your mobile device and enter your site name with “#googleads” at the end. For example if your site name is “” then enter ““. You will get an popup option for reviewing both Anchor/overlay Ads and Vignette Ads.


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      AdSense team doesn’t mentioned any certain criteria, they will show on all smart phones. But it won’t appear all the time, but only on right time. So the visitors won’t be annoyed.

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