How to Embedded Facebook Video to WordPress Posts and Pages

How to Embedded Facebook Video to WordPress

As Facebook is one of the popular social media’s, we many be want to embedded the videos posted on there. Facebook video’s are also getting much popular now, you can see even some movie stars releases trailers and songs through their Facebook post. So take a look at how to embedded these videos in to our WordPress posts.

First of all you should sign in to Facebook to create the embedded Facebook link for the video. Then follow these steps.

1. Get the URL of Video

First step is to get the URL of the video you want to embedded in to your post. For that right click on the video in Facebook and select “Show Video URL”. You will get the URL of that video in a small box, copy that one.

2. Embedded Facebook Video Player Configurator

Next step is to configure the size of video player along with your video. For this got to this link . >> Click Here

Scroll down and you will get the section as in the below screen shot. Paste the URL which you got early in to the field “URL of Video”. Next field “The pixel width of the video” is to configure the size of video player. Give the pixel width as you want or leave it as the default one.


Facebook Embedded Video Player Configurator


3. Get HTML Snippet for Embedding Facebook Video

As soon as you complete the 2nd step, click the blue “Get Code” button. You will get two HTML code snippets like in the screenshot showed below.

Embedded Facebook Video WordPress


The first code is to add to your site theme’stag. For this go to your WordPress dashboard and select Appearance >> Editor and select “header.php” and search for “<body>” tag. Add the above code right after it.

Add the second code snippet to the post were you want to show the video. Open the post in editor and click on “Text” before adding this code. Add the code and click on preview to check the video.

Next time when you want to embedded Facebook video, you don’t have to add the first code in to site’s theme. You just need to add the second code to the post. If there’s any doubt feel free to ask using the comment box.

M S Sujeesh

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