How to Disable Access to WordPress Dashboard to your Users

Hiding WordPress Dashboard to your subscribers

Did you guys noticed that those who register on your site can access the WordPress Dashboard. The subscribers can see the recent activities and comments. So how we can disable or hide this ?. Here’s the simple solution

You guys know’s that WordPress comes with plenty of plugins and which makes the life of a blogger much easier. We already posted some best plugins which are essential for any blog. For this issue also one plugin is available.

Remove Dashboard Access , it’s an awesome plugin which do this work for you. Its comes with simple settings, so first thing to do is to install and activate this plugin. After activation got to Settings >> Dashboard Access and you will get the settings window of this plugin.


Remove WordPress Dashboard Access Plugin


The plugin has 4 options under Dashboard User Access, we can select anyone of them.  We can set the limit Dashboard access to admins only, admins + editors, admins + editors + authors, or limit by specific capability. Specific capability means the actions which can do by a user in WordPress. There’s a list of options like edit posts, create users, activate plugins, moderate comments etc in that drop down menu. If you want to assign  any special capability then use that option.

On the next option, you can set a custom URL as a redirect to the disallowed users.  You can also allow or disallow the users from editing their profile in dashboard. Just mark tick for allowing. After doing these settings click “Save Changes”. That’s it your dashboard is now not accessible to your subscribers.

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