Creating Larger Thumbnails for YouTube video Links in Facebook

creating larger thumbnails for youtube video links in facebook

Youtubers will be disappointed by the latest Facebook updates, as the videos shared showing smaller thumbnails. The followers not much impressed with this look and also the post boosting won’t work well . YouTube video shared on Facebook shows a smaller thumbnail along with the video title and description. So while you boost this video you will get their message something like this “Your post contains large number of Text’s and it won’t reach much targets” .

Disappointing right ?? So what’s the solution ??

One of the best solution I found online is using some website which offer YouTube video integration with Facebook. You just have to copy paste your YouTube video URL in to that site. They will provide another URL, you have to post it to your FB wall. You will get a post with a large Thumbnail.

Here’s one best example which am using now.

Creating Larger Thumbnails for YouTube Video for Facebook using “SCORPHQ”

It’s one of the best website available for creating larger thumbnails for YouTube video Links and it’s simple to use. Enter their website by using below link.

Follow this link =>

As you enter in to this site you can see a field for adding your YouTube video URL.

create larger thumbnail for youtube online


Copy paste your URL in to that filed and click on “Generate Thumbnail” button. There’s also 2 options given one is to display video play button on the Thumbnail and another one is to add your video to the recent conversion list of their site. You can move with the default settings or select other options.

create larger thumbnail youtube video for facebook online

Here’s one example, I had marked the output URL, you can share this URL on Facebook and the post will show the larger thumbnails for your YouTube video.

You can also check the result using Facebook’s debugger tool Just follow the below link and copy paste the above generated link in to the field and click Debug.

Follow this link =>


There’s another websites also available for creating larger thumbnails, but use only legit one’s. Some site’s link’s were banned by FB, so using them may affect you FB account. I have been using this site for some time and found no issues. If anyone found this site harmful can comment below.

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