How to get Facebook App ID and Secret Key within minutes

How to get Facebook App ID and Secret Key within minutes

Creating Facebook App ID and Secret Key

If you are using any Facebook plugins in WordPress or want to integrate Facebook with Blogger you may need Facebook’s App ID and Secret Key. These are required to authenticate with Facebook and decode some encrypted messages from it. This post will help you to generate these information’s.

  1. Login to your Facebook profile.                                                                                                                      
  2. In order to create Facebook App ID, you have to first register as a Facebook developer. For this go Facebook’s App developer page >> . If you are not verified your account yet Facebook will ask you to verify your account by entering your phone number. Enter it and you will get a verification code. Using this verify your account. Now you can see a page for registering as Facebook developer. Just click on the Register button. It will ask to enter your account password for confirmation.                                                                              facebook developer register 
  3. After successful registering as Facebook Developer, you can see a drop down menu “My Apps” on right top corner. Select “Add a New App”. Now you will get several options for creating a new App. in which select WWW for creating App for a website.                                        facebook add a new app  
  4. Now your desired App name into the field and click on the button “Create new Facebook App ID”. This button will show while you enter the App name in the field.                                       facebook app id for websit 
  5. Now the page will show a java code snippet. Check the below screenshot. In which the number underlined with red line is the App ID.                                                                                                                                        facebook app id 
  6. Now scroll down and you will get the option for entering your website URL. Enter the website URL in this field and click Next. That’s all you have completed all steps for App ID and Secret Key generation.                                                                                                                                                  
  7. Go back to your App dashboard by clicking on “My App” on right top corner and select your App. You can see three fields App ID, API version and App Secret. For getting your Secret Key click on “Show” on the App Secret filed. A pop up will open asking your account password for confirmation. Enter the password and click submit.                                                                                 facebook app id and secret key

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