How to Make a YouTube Channel

how to make a youtube channel

How to Make a YouTube Channel ??

Want to make a YouTube Channel of your own. We will help you to create one. Just follow our steps with screenshots mentioned below.

YouTube is one of the popular video sharing platform in the world. Those who are not created channels can watch videos for free in it. If you have one channel of your own you can also upload videos and share them. You can also make some money from it, There are so many people there, who makes a decent income from it.

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Newbies follow the steps below to create your channel.


Step 1: YouTube Account creation 

For creating YouTube account, you just need your Google account. If you haven’t created one yet,  make one first.


Those who already have Google account login to YouTube with your Google account. You can see the “Sign in” option at the right top corner of YouTube page.


Step 2: YouTube Channel Creation

As you are signed in to your account, you can see the option “My Channel” on right side.

how to create youtube channel

Click on this “My Channel” option, a pop up will open now showing your profile and Name. Just click on “CREATE CHANNEL” and that’s it, your channel is ready.

how to create youtube channel

Now you will be redirected to your channel. Where you can customize the look of your channel. Add one photo to your channel art to give your channel a better look. Another important thing is adding channel description, you can do this using the option “Channel description”.

how to make a youtube channel

Now you can start uploading videos to your channel. For that click on the option “Upload” on the right top side. A new window will open, just drag and drop your video in to it. A new window will open, which will show the uploading status. Were you can also add the name and description to the video. After completing upload process click “Publish” to make your video live.

uplaod video into youtube channel

There are some things to be considered while uploading videos to YouTube channel. Making those things as my next post. those who are interested can read here.

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