How to create Privacy Policy page for website

How to create Privacy Policy page for website

Create Privacy Policy page for website

Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions pages are two important things to be included in your blogs or websites. Why we need a Privacy Policy page in our Website ??. According to Google AdSense TOS, you should have a Privacy Policy page in your site. It describes to the visitors  about what they will get on your site. You can say what to do and what no to do in your site through this policy.

It contains information’s about cookies, location information, device specific information, you are taking or not taking user data and so on. You have to create a new page and include these details in them and place it on your site. For example take a look at this Newbies World site’s page.

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As a newbie, we will find it difficult to create a privacy policy page and include these details. And it is necessary for applying AdSense. So the question will arise how to simple create this page. If you search privacy policy generator on Google or other search engines, you will get several online sites which creates this page for you. But most of them is not free and if you have more than one website, it will cost you more.

On my beginning time also I found it difficult and searched entire web to get a simple solution and finally got one. Its a simple tool from “Serp Rank” website. Its absolutely free of cost and simple to use. Just follow the steps to create your own pages.

First of all you have to register on this Serp Rank website. The page creator tools are only available for registered members. Don’t worry they won’t pay for registration, just use this link to directly go o the registration page. >>

After successfully registering on the site login to the site. Select Members Area >> Members Tools and you can see two links “Terms and Conditions Generator” and ” Privacy Policy Generator for Google AdSense Publishers”. Click on this policy generator link first. T&C generator will ask for policy page of your website. So we will create it later.

Privacy Policy geneator for google adsense publishers

Click on the link and you will get a form like below.

serp rank privacy policy geneator form

Fill the details like site URL, email address If you site accepting cookies then select it. On Advertiser information click on the Ad network sites you are using in your website. At last click on “Create my Privacy Policy” button. You will get your own privacy policy, copy this contents and create a new page on your blog and paste it there. Save the page as Privacy Policy.

If you want to create T&C page, go back to Members Area >> Members Tools and select “Terms and Conditions Generator” link. You will get a form to fill. There will be a filed for Privacy Policy page, enter the URL which created before on your blog to this field.

terms and conditions generator tool for website

Just like before, you will your T&C contents copy it and create a new page on your site and paste it there. Save the page as Terms and Conditions.

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