How to Create and Add Tables into a Blogger Post

How To Add or Create Table inside a Blogger Post

During creating blogger posts we may need to add Tables, and we know that blogger comes with a lesser amount of tools. So here’s one simple method for creating and adding table inside a blogger post without the knowledge of HTML coding.

For this purpose, you will need Microsoft Word installed on your computer. If you are not yet installed on your PC , download and install it before moving to further steps.

Step 1: Creating Tables on Windows Word

You guys may be familiar with creating tables on Microsoft Word. If not follow these steps.
Open Microsoft Word and create a New word document by clicking Ms File >>New. Next you need to insert table for this click on Insert >> Table.

You will get a table structure as shown in above screenshot. You can select the number of rows and columns as per your requirement. Now you need to add the contents and adjust the table width and size as how you want to show it inside your blogger post.

Here’s one sample table I created on Microsoft Word.


sample table created on microsoft word

Step 2 : Adding Table in to a Blogger Post

Now we have to create the HTML code for this table. As you already created table inside a Word file, you need to save that file. it should be saved in to “web page filtered” file. For this click on Ms File >> Save as> click on the drop down at Save as type and and select “web page filtered” and click on Save.

conveting mirosoft word file to html add table to blogger

Now we will convert this saved file to HTML, for this right click on the saved file and open it with Note Pad. Open with >> Note Pad.

converting word to html for creating table in blogger


After opening on Note Pad, copy all the text from it.


table creation blogger word file opened in note pad


Open your Blogger post, where you want to add this Table in an Edit window. Click on HTML tab above and paste the code which you copied before.


table into blogger post


Now click on Preview and check your table appearing correctly, you can now publish the post of do further editing.

Here’s the screenshot of the Preview which I created before.

creating table in blogger post

It’s simple right ? we can create table’s without the knowledge of HTML coding. If you are a serious blogger then you can check our Complete Blogger SEO Guide. If you have any query or issues while creating Tables on Blogger feel free to comment here.

M S Sujeesh

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