How to create and add Alexa Ranking Widget for your site

Create and add Alexa Ranking Widget

In one of my previous article I have wrote about the importance or Alexa ranking and about adding your website to them. In this article am going to give some tips for creating and adding their widget to your site. Hope you guys already verified your website, if not check the below post.

First of all we will check about some benefits of adding Alexa Ranking widget on site.

1. Increase in Alexa Ranking: You can see some bloggers stating adding Alexa widget won’t help in increase in your Alexa rank. But there are many other bloggers including me saw a drastic change in ranking after adding the widget. Alexa officially says that adding widget won’t help your ranking, its just a myth. We just taking consider about the experience of other bloggers. So add the widget and check what you are experiencing.

2. Attracting Advertisers to your site : Advertisers love sites with good page ranking and Alexa ranking. So showing the ranking on your site can attract them and make some good earnings from them.

3. Good ranking will increase trust of your visitors: if you have a good rank then the visitors more trust you. High rank site’s gets more impression from the fist time visitors. They will think its more reliable and they will comeback for more articles.


There’s one plugin available in WordPress for creating Alexa widget. But at first we will check the common method for both Blogger and WordPress users for creating widget.

Creating Alexa Ranking Code

On the widget, either you can show the ranking along with number of the links or just show the ranking. Its your choice and according to the choice select the following codes. Replace the site name “” with with your or site name.

Code for widget without Number of links :

<a href=””><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script></a>

alexa ranking widget without link

Code for widget with number of links :

<a href=””><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script></a>

alexa ranking widget with link

Adding Widget to WordPress

WordPress user login to your dashboard, then Appearance >> Customize >> Widgets >> then select the place where you want to place the widget, for example Footer and click on “Add a widget”. From widgets select “Text” and copy paste the above code in to it. Don’t forget to replace site name with yours. Save the widget and check the widget showing your ranking or not.

add alexa widget wordpress guide


Adding Widget to Blogger

Blogger users login to their dashboard. The click on Layout >> Add a gadget >> select HTML/Javascript widget and copy paste the above code along with your site name.


Alexa Plugin for WordPress Platform

There’s one Alexa Ranking Widget plugin available in WordPress. If you don’t want to add codes, then you can show the ranking by simple installing the plugin. Take a look at the plugin here.

For adding this plugin, just go to your dashboard, then Plugins >> Add New and search >> Alexa Ranking Widget. Click install and activate then you can see the plugin on widget section. Add this Alexa widget and replace the default site name with your domain name.

alexa ranking widget plugin wordpress


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