ClixSense Guide: Best way to make money online

ClixSense Guide Best way to make money online

How to make money fast from ClixSense

ClixSense is one of  the best and trusted PTC (paid to click) website in the Internet world. it was started om 2007 and till then it serving many people and has a member strength over 5000000. With out any doubt we can say that it’s not a scam network. People are getting paid regularly and the payout limit is just $8. You can also get many payment proof’s around the web.

Requirements :

Little bit knowledge about Internet

Any one payment modes like Paypal, Paytoo or Payza

These are the only things you need. There’s no fee for joining, its absolutely free.  If you not created any payment mode yet, don’t worry you can add it later.

Steps to Create ClixSense Account

1.Use the below banner, it will direct you to the ClixSense site

Join Now >>  clixsense make money online without any investment

2. You can see a sign up form like below. Enter the details like Name, Mail ID, username and password. After completing click “Signup Now”  button. clisense signup form for making money online

3. Now You will get a confirmation link on your mail, which you used for Sign up. Click on that link and your account registration is completed.

Guide to Make Money from ClixSense

After successfully completing the registration process you can login to your ClixSense account using the username and password which you created before. After login in to your account you can see a dashboard like below. It shows different items which will bring you money.

clicxsense dashboard

View Ads

This option will give you several website links. You have to just click on the link and watch it ofr 5sec. The amount will be credited to your account balance instantly. The amount will depend upon the ads and its usually between $0.001 to $0.02.

A sample is shown below. This one shows some web pages which I got when clicking the “View Ads” option. Just click on them and a ad page will open in the new tab.


clixsense ptc adverts get paid for click

Before showing ad page, it will show some random pics and you have to click on the image showing Cat. Its just for avoiding invalid clicks and like an image captcha.

cllixsense captcha cat to avoind invalid clicks

After clicking the image, the page will show the Ad page. There will be a timer on top which will start for 5 sec and after completing the time it will show the amount which you get for this task.

cllixsense ad timer

ClixSense Ad page timer


cllixsense ad payment for watching website

ClixSense amount credited for Ad View


Its a good option for making money fast and also depend upon your luck. You have the to just click on any grid on the image. A new ad page will open watch the ad for 10 sec. After the timer ends it will show the amount you won, you can win up to $10. there’s total 30 chances per day for winning this grid game.

clixgrid for making money online


Surveys are another good option to make money regularly. Before doing surveys, you have to fill your survey profile. For this click on Surveys option, you can see a green  “Surveys Profile” button on top, click on this and fill the form. Several questions will be there and give answers truly, the surveys you get will be based on this from.

clixsense survey profileAfter filling the from you can participate the surveys. You can get up to $0.5 to $1 depend on the survey you participate.

clixsense daily surveys

clixsense daily surveys


ClixSense offers one of the best online referral program. You will get a referral link from the site, there’s also banners available. If you have any website place them in it. You will get paid when the people you refer click on PTC ads, Purchase advertising, complete tasks etc. You can refer any number of people, there’s no limit.
clixsense best ptc network

Premium Membership 

You can upgrade your ClixSense account to premium it will cost $17 per year. If you are getting more referrals then upgrade your membership, which will help you to earn more money. Check the below image, which shows the earning comparision between free and premium account.

clixsense premium membership benefits

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