How to change Blogger Template and upload a Custom one

Changing & Customizing Blogger Template

Blogger is one of the best free platform for blogging. In which blogger template is the thing which determine the physical presentation of your blog. It can also be called as the theme of your site. Blogger platform comes with several inbuilt templates. But the problem is their poor look, and that’s one of the main drawback of this Blogspot platform. There are many sites out there, which provides both free and paid templates.

Just remember few things before downloading templates from other sites:

You can use either free or paid versions. If you are choosing free versions choose them wisely. Some free templates may contain spam or malware’s, so download them from only trusted sources. Some free template providers don’t allow you to remove their credit link from the footer. So don’t try to remove them, unless your site will be redirected to their site. Also select theme’s which suitable for your sites. There will be “live preview” available in those template provider sites, so preview them and select the suitable one.

Most of the sites provides download links of blogger template in zip form. So download and extract it into your computer. The template will be in an “XML” file.

Now we will check how to change the current template and upload this downloaded one. Remember one thing, always make a backup of your current template before doing any alteration. So first we will make a backup of our current blogger template. For this login to your blogger dashboard. Then click on “Template” and you can see a button named ” Backup/ Restore” on the right top corner.


blogger template backup restore customize


Click on this “Backup/Restore” button and one popup will open now. There will be two options, one is to download the backup of current template and another one is to upload a new template.

change blogger template upload new theme

First choose “Download full template” and save the backup on your computer. After that click on “Browse” button and select the downloaded blogger template with .xml extension. Then click upload and your blog will be loaded with the new theme. Now view your blog and check the changes done by the new template.

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Now you can customize your blog, for this click on >> Template >> Customize . You can see various options on top, like Template, Background, Adjust width, Layout, and advanced. If you want to go back to your default template, then select any template from that section. Click on the Adjust width option to change blog and side bar size. You can change the color and font using the Advanced option. After changing these custom settings click on “Apply to Blog” button on right top corner.




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