How to change the Font Size and Text Color in WordPress

Changing Font Size and Text Color 

After migrating my platform to WordPress I didn’t found any option for changing Font Size while writing posts. I was little bit confused, as there’s only Bold and Italics tool is present for editing letters. As a newbie blogger you guys also may felt the same thing. But actually it’s just a single thing. The tool bar is hide within your editor box. I will show you how to enable this and change the Font size.

Open any existing post’s editor or start a new one, on the tool box select the last one named “Toolbar Toggle”.

toggle toolbar in wordpress

Click on this Toobar Toggle then the tool box will show the additional tools in your post editor.

additional tools in page editor

For changing the font size, select the line of words you want to change and click on Paragraph tool. It will show different heading styles. Select the appropriate one. For changing the color use the “Text Color” tool.

change font size in wordpress

If you guys want more additional options in your Editor panel, then you should need the help of plugins. One of the best plugin with free of cost is “TinyMCE”.

TinyMCE Advanced Plugin

Go to your WordPress dashboard then Plugins>> Add New >> search TinyMCE . then install and activate the plugin. Now under Settings >> select TinyMCE Advanced, which is now added after activation.

Now you can see the TinyMCE editor toolbar with some more buttons and options. There’s also a field named “Unused Buttons”.

tinymce post editor plugin

For adding the Font Size option, just drag the font sizes button on Unused field to any row in the Editor tool box. Click save changes button and check any existing post’s editor window or create a new one. Now you can see that the normal editor box is replaced by the TinyMCE Advanced editor box.

tinymce post editor plugin for wordpress

For changing font size click on the “Font Sizes” tool and you will get options like 10pt, 12pt etc. Select the desired one.

There’s many options are present in this plugin, like setting Font family, Adding smilies, creating and editing tables and many more. If you want more options you can go back to the Settings and add more tools from the Unused Buttons field.


M S Sujeesh


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