How to Embedded Facebook Video to WordPress Posts and Pages

How to Embedded Facebook Video to WordPress

As Facebook is one of the popular social media’s, we many be want to embedded the videos posted on there. Facebook video’s are also getting much popular now, you can see even some movie stars releases trailers and songs through… Continue Reading

How to Setup CloudFlare Free CDN with your WordPress Site

how to setup cloudflare free cdn with your wordpress site

Page loading speed of your website is one of the elements taken in consider in Search Engine Rankings. It also deals with user experience as the visitors doesn’t like slow websites. Using CDN service like ClodFlare along with your site… Continue Reading

How to Edit .htaccess file from WordPress Dashboard

Edit .htaccess file from WordPress Dashboard Hypertext Access file in short .htaccess file is a configuration file used in Apache web server. It allows you to control files and folders in the current directory, and all sub directories. You can… Continue Reading

How to setup Custom Home Page in WordPress

Setup Custom Home Page in WordPress Need to setup a Custom Home Page or Landing page or a specific page for your WordPress site ?. Then here’s the solution for you. You guy’s know that most of the WordPress theme’s… Continue Reading

How to Disable Access to WordPress Dashboard to your Users

Hiding WordPress Dashboard to your subscribers Did you guys noticed that those who register on your site can access the WordPress Dashboard. The subscribers can see the recent activities and comments. So how we can disable or hide this ?.… Continue Reading