Best and Trusted Affiliate programs in India 2016

Best and Trusted Affiliate programs in India 2016

Top Affiliate programs list in India 2016

Affiliate marketing is widening its scope in India. If you own a website and making some money using Advertising programs like AdSense, then you can increase your revenue through affiliation.
Its a kind of associate program, in which you will show their ads in your site and whenever a user clicks on these ads and buy some thing, you will get a share from that. Is that great is in it ??. As you all know, every one prefers online shopping as their first choice. So if your website getting some good traffic, then go for it .
There are some online shopping sites which offers direct affiliation programs. The percentage of revenue offered will be different for each products. There’s also some Affiliate marketing websites, by monetizing your website with them you can show their ads in your sites.

1. Flikart Affiliation

Flikart is one of the best online shopping sites in India. They offer upto 10% revenue share through websites and 15% through app’s. Mean’s when a user click on the ad and ends up buying through the App, you will get more revenue. If your website is well optimized for mobile view and getting a good traffic from Mobile devices, then the revenue will be more.

There’s also App installation campaigns. Get your referral link and spread it, you can earn up to Rs.40 per install.

2. Affiliation

Amazon is worlds most trustable online shopping site. You can earn upto 10% per conversions from your ads. You can use their direct links or create widgets and banners and add them to your site and start earning. Join their affiliate programs and add more revenue.

3. Snapdeal Affiliation

Sanpdeal is another online shopping site, which offer direct affiliation. You can earn upto 10% commission from their ads.

4. Affiliation

If you own a dating or relationship site, is the best choice for you. They are the top Matrimonial site in India and they offer 75% Revenue share PLUS an additional 25% bonus opportunity. Insert their ads in your site and make commission for every paid subscription.

5. MakeMyTrip Affiliation

Make My Trip is one of the top travel site in India. If your website is about travelling then go for it and make some good revenue. You can earn upto 3 to 5% for domestic flights and Rs.500 for International flights bookings.

6. Affiliation

Bigrock is one of the best domain purchasing websites in India. You can make a good revenue by using their Ads in your websites. You can make upto Rs. 10000 per sale. That’s why they were the best affiliate programs among the domain purchase websites. They also offers unique links and high quality banner ads.

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