How to Add Google Analytics to Your Blog

How to Add Google Analytics tracking code to Your blog

Adding Google Analytics to Your Blog

Google Analytics is one of the best and free tool to check the traffic and reports for our websites. There’s premium version is also available, but for newbies its not required. We can check various things like page views, bounce rate, traffic from locations and browsers, the targeted keywords and many more things with this tool. So its a must thing that every blogger should connect their site with it.

Adding Site to Google Analytics account

First of all, we have to create our own account own Google Analytics. It just need your google or gmail account, I thing every one will have one. Now sign in to your analytics account by clicking here.

New users will get an option for sign up, just click on that button and you will enter in it.

google analytics sign up process

Now you can see a page for creating new account. In which there are two options, one is for Website and other is for Mobile app. The default option will be Website and make sure you are selecting that option.

adding website to google analytics

Below this option, you can see various fields like Account Name. Website name, website URL , websites category and timezone. Fill out those things according to your website and at last click on “Get Tracking ID” button.

add wordpress to google analytics

Now you will get a tracking code as seen in the below screenshot.

google analytics tracking code

For blogger Users:

Blogger platform users login to their dashboard and under Template > Edit HTML > search for tag </body>. And paste the tracking code just above its and save the template.

Now copy the Tracking ID and click on Settings > Others >> and scroll down. You can see a section named Google Analytics and there will a field ” Analytics Web Property ID”. Add the Tracking ID there and click “Save Settings” button on top.

For WordPress users:

WordPress platform users login to their dashboard and open Theme editor. its under Appearance > Editor > then select “header.php” file. Copy the Tracking code and paste i right after the <body> tag.


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Adding another website to Same Google Analytics Account

Now we will check how we can add another website to this account. Many users have one or more websites, so its good to add all of them in to the same analytics account. We can check all the websites together.

Those who want to add another website login again to the analytics account and click on “Admin” tab.

You can see 3 columns, Account, Property and View. In which select Property, click the drop down button and select “Create new Property” .

create new propery in google analytics

Now we will get the same options like we discussed above. Add the website details and get the Tracking code. Add that tracking code to your website.


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