7 Things to do before applying for Google AdSense

7 Things to do before applying for Google AdSense

7 Things to do before applying for AdSense

Google AdSense, the dream of every blogger. Is that right ?? Some bloggers starts blogs to express their views and some other start just for fun. But after some time as the blogs became popular they will realize the possibilities of making some money from it. When it comes to earning from Blogs or Website, AdSense is the choice of every blogger. Because its pays better than any other Ad networks, but the problem is the approval process is little bit hard.

There are many bloggers who tried hard and failed to get the approval. So not just apply to AdSense do some things in your site which are must before applying. If you already applied and got dis approval check the mail from them and do the correction wait for some weeks and reapply again. So we will check some points which should do before applying for Google AdSense.

1. Add Some Content Rich posts 

“Content is King”, you might heard this line before. Its not a joke and its what actually matters. For getting approval from AdSense, your site should have enough posts with quality contents. Never copy paste from other sites, write your won contents.

There’s no official statement for the number of posts needed for approval. But add some posts around 15 to 30, and if you have different categories add at least 4 posts in each. Each posts should have at least 500 words.

2. Do some Basic SEO

Before applying for AdSense, do some basic Optimization steps like submit your site to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Add website to Google webmaster tools and submit your sitemap. These steps will help your site to show on Search engines and Google will think you are actually care about your website. You can also check the errors in your site with the Webmaster Tools. Correct them before the applying process.

3. Add Some important Pages

There are some pages which you should add in your blog or site.

  1. About Us
  2. Contact Us
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Terms and Conditions

If you don’t know how to create Privacy policy and T&C pages check the below post.

4. Design of Site

Design and structure of your blog is also matters. You can use both free and paid themes, but your site should look professional and not a messy one. Site should have a good navigation and fast loading.

5. Check Prohibited Contents 

Check the type of content you are posting. Its really matters as AdSense won’t allow contents like Pornographic, Illegal, Pirated, Copyrighted, Drugs and Alcohol based, Cracking and Hacking, Violence, Weapons etc. So if you are using any of these items in your posts remove them immediately before applying for AdSense.

6. Verify Age of Blog

AdSense officially states that for some countries like India and China, the age of blogs should have 6 month to apply for AdSense. But there are many people who got approval for site below this limit. Some guys even got approval with 2 or 3 week old sites. So apply after doing these various points and if you are still rejected check the reason. If it’s about the site’s age, then wait till your site reaches the age limit and apply after that. And during those days don’t stop blogging, keep posting.

7. Remove other Ads

If you guys are monetized your site or blog with any other Ad Networks, remove them from site before applying to AdSense. You can show the ads after getting approval. But there are some ad networks which does not comply with Google AdSense policies. So after getting approval never show them in your site, other wise you will get banned.

Traffic requirement for Google AdSense

You guys may be confused why am not pointed this one as the 8th point. Because AdSense doesn’t have any traffic requirement and it does not check how many views you are getting. There are some posts which I saw stating that you should need a good amount of traffic to get AdSense approval. But from my own experience and also from many others experience it can be say that there’s no minimum traffic needed. Always matter is the content you deliver from the site. So include high quality rich contents and follow the above steps. If your application still rejected check the reason for rejection and correct them and reapply.


What if still you won’t get the approval. Many bloggers suffer from this problem, their application keep rejecting and they fed up with it. Getting approval is not that easy and if you are not getting for long don’t worry. Its not the end of the world. There are many Google AdSense alternatives and Affiliate programs which will help you to get some money from your site. Check some of them from the below posts.


M S Sujeesh


    • Hi, I think you had got one mail from AdSense team regarding the disapproval. What’s the reason they stated ??

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