7 Things to Follow to Be a Successful Blogger

7 things to follow to be a successful Blogger

How to Make Money Online, this is where everyone starts their quest to earn money and enters the arena of Blogging. Many think that it is an easy and straightforward way to make money. What they do not know is, it is a process of learning, failing, experimenting, entrepreneurship and involves a lot of sacrifices. So then what are the difference between others and you. It is a steep path till you succeed, once you achieve your goal, you will be the boss of your life. You set your own timings and say no to 9 to 5 strict rules, you do what you think is right and productive for you to be a Successful Blogger.

7 Things to Follow to Be a Successful Blogger

Writing Skills:

Content is all that matters in blogging, you need to satisfy your readers if you require to be successful. You do not need to be the best writer but should write good enough for your readers to understand what you are thinking. Why should I write I will Outsource to Freelancers and Agencies? Outsourcing is a good thing to reduce the work but when you analyse their work you should be able to understand it.


Bloggers should be punctual in maintaining their blog. Your readers might be waiting for new content from you and bots are running on your blog. Especially Google like to rank websites that are regular in posting new content.


You need to treat your blog as a business many companies like Huffington, Mashable, TechCrunch were some small blogs when they started. All of them had invested, upgraded, and maintained pace with the technology. Hosting, themes, plugins, and content are some of the important things where bloggers need to spend their money. They do not need to be a top notch but something that satisfies your requirement.

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Strategy for your blog is one of the most important things to make your blog successful. You need to create strategies for everything from content, off page SEO, on page SEO, promotions, and investments. Strategies give you an idea of where your blog is heading and what is affecting your blog from increasing.

Niche Oriented:

A blog should have a specific niche to gain loyal subscribers, there is much competition for everything on the web. Take it technology or diapers everything is now crowded and dense. Affiliate marketing had created many sub-niche blogs and had been successful if it is of high quality. Search Engines are preferring niche blogs over popular blogs with less content to a particular niche. You do not need to select a larger niche like computers but a little smaller like gaming laptops. The niche could be smaller, but it should be good enough to provide regular content and flexible with products or services.

Having a niche-oriented blog will increase your rankings in search engines and at the same time they will increase loyal subscribers.


You need to prepare for 15 freaking years to get a useful degree that could get you a job. See for yourself on how patient you are in your life until this point. Similarly, you cannot be successful at blogging or anything within a day, month or maybe a year. All you should do is work hard and smart, learn more and follow it and consult the successful in your field and take guidance.

Finally, I like to conclude with this, you may have heard a lot like “Never Quit,” I do not say you this, but you should know “When to Quit” and ask yourself why to quit before quitting. You should be learning from your mistakes and make sure to repeat them again.

Bhanu Uday

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