7 Best AdSense alternatives for Indian traffic 2016

7 Best AdSense alternatives for Indian traffic 2016

Best AdSense alternatives for Indian traffic

Getting an AdSense approval for a website is a dream come true for every blogger. There are many bloggers who tried to get the approval many times and got rejected by the AdSense team. But it not the end, there are many AdSense alternatives are available, which can bring you some money.

While checking the  Google Alternative program’s 2 things should be considered. One is traffic requirement and other is views.  Some of the Advertising teams need good amount of traffic from Tier 1 countries like US, UK, Canada etc. So the revenue they offer will be really low for countries like India, which comes under Tier 3. Some of them also need 50K to 500K views per month for the approval. Many bloggers will found it difficult, so because of these reasons I have selected 7 advertising teams, their approval process is simple and they also pay good amount for all traffic.

Note: Updated the list on 24/08/2016

1. AdsOptimal

AdsOptimal is San Francisco california located Ad Network team, which was established on 2012. They are one of the best AdSense alternatives avalibale now. They offer both CPC and CPM based ads. The main attraction is you will get a 15$ bonus for the sign up process. As soon as you get the approval this amount will be added to your pending payment.

Their payment method includes both Paypal and Check and the minimum payout is $50. They also provides plugins for WordPress and Jumla platforms, so the ingetration is also easy.


adsoptimal best adsense alternative

2.Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads was founded on 2011 and now they are one of the leading Pop under network. They offer high rate for CPM (Cost Per Mile) ads. So if you have a website with a good amount of views then Propeller Ads is the best way to monetize.

3.CPM Fun

CPM Fun is another CPM based network and its one of the best network which offer good rate for Indian traffic. If you have a website with lots of traffic then monetize with them, and it will definitely give a good amount of revenue.
cpm fun best google alternative for indian traffic 2016


Infolinks is one of the best AdSense Alternatives and many bloggers makes a good amount or revenue from this network. Unlike the other Ad networks I mentioned in this post, Infolinks are in-Text advertising program. Once you get the approval and place their code in to your website, the text’s in your posts will convert in to Ads. So if you are using any other Ad services including AdSense, you can also add this network in to your site.

infolinks best google alternative to make money online


4.Adsoid ( Now getting low rates, so removing from the list)

Comparing with all other Ad networks in this post, Adsoid is a newcomer. It also a CPM based network, which pay for all kind of traffic. Another benefit is they gives $5 as signup bonus, for getting this you should display thier ad for minimum 28 days. The minimum payout is also less, its $20 via Paypal.

adsoid google alternative for indian traffic



Chitika is like the Google Adsense, and they work exactly like them. Some of the bloggers say’s they need Tier 3 traffic to get good revenue from Chitika, but from my experience they also give good revenue to Indian traffic. So give it a try because they are also one of the best AdSense alternative and a trusted service.
chitika best google adsense alternative for indian traffic


BidVertiser is also one of the oldest PPC(Pay per Click) network like AdSense. They pay for every click on their ads by the visitors coming to the site, they also give extra revenue if the clicks are converted in to actions. Actions means joining websites, buying something etc.

7.Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits Ad network is CPA (Cost Per Action) based network. They pay the publisher when the ad clicks converted in to actions like downloading software, joining a website,buying something etc. Many bloggers listed it on their fist position for bringing a good amount of money.
revenue hits best google adsense alternative


One thing I want to mention is that the revenue offer by these Ad networks will be different for bloggers, as it will based on website niche, keywords,traffic etc. And also don’t compare them with AdSense, because its a fact that no one can pay like AdSense. If you have already got AdSense approval, still you can use these Ad networks along with AdSense Ads. only thing matter is not to break their terms and conditions.

Is there any other Ad Networks, which found good for you ?? Or any other networks you would like to contribute in to this list..please comment them. Also comment your experience about these Ad Networks.

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M S Sujeesh


  1. I am looking to implement something other than Google Adsense on my blog and this is the second straight article I’ve seen with Qadabra. I am not sure if I want to use Qadabra or Infolinks at this point but thank you for taking the time to write this article. If I end up going with Qadabra it will be because of this article!

    • Qadabra and Infolinks are two entirely different ad networks. The first one offers Banners ads, Sliders etc and the second one is textual ad…They won’t interfere each other and you can use both.

  2. Very useful post. Thank you so much for sharing. Actually I have heard about clicksor but I haven’t ever tried the others yet.. but i agree with you that recently Google AdSense is becoming stricter. It is necessary for us to find another ways to survive in making money online.

  3. Hi!
    Great list!
    At this point, after working with so many networks, I choose MarketAds.
    They have the best rates for CPM pop-under ads
    You should check them out.

    • Hi Smith,

      Thanks for Commenting, I will surely take a look at that Ad Network.

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