5 Best CPM Ad Networks to Make Money Online from your Blog

5 Best CPM Ad Networks to Make Money Online from your Blog

5 Best CPM Ad Networks to Make Money Online

To Run a Blog for Longer Periods of time you always require any better Ad Networks. We have seen the majority of Bloggers are Using Google AdSense. As we all know Google, AdSense is one of the Popular Ad networks by the Search Giant Google. But getting their approval is not that easy, also their banning count is also high. There are so many bloggers who got banned or rejected by them. We already discussed about some best AdSense alternatives.

You have several options to monetize your website, like CPC, CPM, CPA etc.  If you are getting good amount of Traffic to your Site or Blog, then you can go with the CPM (Cost Per Impression) Ad Network that pays per impression. Many bloggers also complain that they were getting huge traffic but getting less clicks on ads. So the advantage of using CPM ads will be good choice for you, because they will pay for Ad impressions. If you already running AdSense in your website, you can also run CPM Ad with along with them to make some extra Bucks from your Website or Blog. But always remember that those ad networks using along with Google AdSense should not violate their TOS.

There are Numbers of CPM AD Network are available. All have their Benefits and limitations and here we are going to show you Best CPM Networks that pays the High amount of money.

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List of Best CPM Ad Networks

1. UberCPM

CPM Ad Network ubercpm for making money online

UberCPM is one of the fastest Growing CPM-based Ad Networks; They allowing all type of website and approval is very quick as compared to other CPM Network. UberCPM will verify the site in just a few mints then you can easily create the ads code and can quickly display it to your site or blog.

UberCPM is paying high CPM and in many cases, it’s going to $10 for 1000 impressions. If you have Large Numbers of Visitors then now the time has arrived to earn some extra bucks with this Ad Network.

UberCPM is Offering payout in two-way either you can get payment via PayPal or Bank Wire Payment. For Paypal, you need minimum $10 in your account and for Bank Wire Payment minimum is $500.

2. AdsOptimal

AdsOptimal best cpm ad networks increase revenue

AdsOptimal is Another Popular CPM Ad network that allows all types of Websites including new Sites and Blogs. If you have fewer numbers of traffic and not getting approval for Google AdSense or any other CPM, then you can go with AdsOptimal.

The AdsOptimal is offering high-quality Ad with good CPM rates; they have a partnership with Google AdSense, Double Click, and many other Ad networks. The AdsOptimal offering special offers if you have a quality website then you will get $15 as Signup Bonus and for all other sites gets $10.

AdsOptimal is offering Payment via Paypal or Bank Wire Payment and for Paypal, you required minimum $50 in the account. They are also offering WordPress and Joomla Plugins for your convenient. They take almost Two days for the verification.

adsoptimal best adsense alternative

3. PropellerAds

PropellerAds cpm pay per impression make money from blog

PropellerAds is Another Good CPM Network that offers a broad range of CPM Ad for all types of Devices including Mobile and Tablets. This Company is very famous among the webmaster as they can quickly generate Bucks using this ad network.

PropellerAds ad takes very less time to activate the account. Once you sign up with this ad network, Then first you need to verify your domain and then once your site is approved, Then you can quickly run the CPM ads on your blog and Website. The approval is very quick and easy, so if you have a new website then also you can apply for this ad network.

PropellerAds are offering Multiple Payment options, so this is an ideal choice for all the bloggers and webmasters. The Company is providing 80:20 ration for the payment so if you earn $100 then you will get $80, and company will get $20. The minimum payout is $100. They are offering Bank Wire, Mastercard ®, Payoneer Global Bank Transfer, Payoneer Prepaid, ePayments, EPESE and Webmoney.


4. Exponential

Exponential ad network increase online money

Exponential (Formerly Tribal Fusion) is one of the Quality CPM Ad networks. The Company is providing very high CPM but same time approval is very hard. If you have a quality website with Good numbers of visitors then only go with this Ad Network.

The Exponential have some restrictions like you required minimum 500000 Unique Visitors per month. If you don’t have this much traffic, Then you will get rejected. If you have a high-quality website with above numbers visitors, then you can easily get the approval.

Exponential is offering Payout once you reach to $50 and you can easily get the payment via Paypal or Bank Wire Payment.

5. RhymeOne

RhymeOne pay per thousand impression make extra bucks

RhymeOne (Burst Media Earlier) is one of the Powerful CPM Ad networks that pay very high CPM Rates to Publisher. If you are generating large numbers of users on the website, then don’t waste time just sign up to RhymeOne.

RhymeOne has Some Limitations like minimum you required 25000 unique visitors per month. Your site has fresh Content and Updates with latest quality materials. The network is offering payment options via Paypal and Bank Wire payment. The minimum payment for RhymeOne is $50.


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The Above CPM Ad Networks are well known and offering Good CPM. All this CPM can be used with the Google Adsense to generate extra Revenue. If you have high traffic, then go with AdsOptimal or Exponential to get the maximum earnings from the visitors. If you have little traffic Site or Blog, Then you can try all other CPM Ad Network If you have more Suggestions, then don’t forget to add it in Comments.

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