5 Best CDN Services For Speed Up WordPress Site

5 Best CDN Services For WordPress

5 Best CDN Services For WordPress

The importance of  Content Delivery Network (CDN) for WordPress becomes important, when you want to give a good experience to your visitors. CDN Services allows you to faster site loads and it will make your website and blog more secure.

If you are Getting Numbers of Visitors to Website, then it will slow down performance and site will start loading slow. So you will lose valuable readers and as a result there will be a loss in Revenue also. You always need to Improve the site performance and for that reason we are going to show you some best CDN Services for WordPress.

What is CDN (Content Delivery Network ) ?

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is Network of Server that located at a different location. It will store your statics files like Images, Videos, Scripts and other statics files that used on your website.

CDN is one of the best ways to bring down load of your website. If you are using web hosting and site getting numbers of visitors, then you can go for CDN to store all your statics pages and it will bring down site load.

CDN Services have a data center at multiple locations around the globe, and they copy your store statics files. When some one visit to your website, it will display the information from the nearby data center. So it will take less time in loading and user getting better loading time.

Now we will move on to the list of Best CDN Services For WordPress that you can use with your WordPress and current web-hosting providers. Please note that while you are going for CDN, you still require the web-hosting to store your WordPress database files and other important files.

Best CDN Services For WordPress

1. MaxCDN

CDN Services For WordPress MaxCDN

MaxCDN is World’s Top Rated CDN Services Providers. They offers some excellent features and for that reason, they are one of the biggest CDN Services Providers in Market. The MaxCDN will increase the site speed and at the same time user experience will improve as it will load fast and who don’t like a fast loading website.

MaxCDN will increase website Speed by 350%, and it will make your site more secure. It will use fewer resources from the server so it always a good idea to start using the this CDN network. If you are using WordPress for your blog or website, then it’s very easy to setup you can follow this Guide from the wpbeginner to Setup the MaxCDN With WordPress.

2. CloudFlare

CloudFlare cdn network wordpress secure and fast load

CloudFlare is another Popular CDN Services, with a basic free plan. If your blog or website is small regarding traffic, then you can go with the CloudFlare basic free account. If you are getting good number of Visitors, then you also have Options to Upgrade your Account.

The CloudFlare operates more than 28 data center around the world, and it will make more secure your website. If you are going to the Free plan then also you get the improvement in site load time, and it will protect your sites from the various attacks and bots. If you upgrade your account, then you will get more stable and faster performance.

3. KeyCDN:

KeyCDN best cdn services for wp website for fast loading

KeyCDN Offers CDN Services as per your usage, so you don’t have to pay more amount if you are using less number of bandwidth. It is one of the best ways to save your important money, and you only have to pay for the services which you are going to use.

The KeyCDN will provide the Complete security to your website and it will load fast, they have a data center in four regions. According to your location, you will get the nearest location when you visit the website so it will increase the site speed and user experience. They also providing the WordPress Integration Guide, and if you required more support, then they have a support team to guide you to setup the KeyCDN with WordPress.

4. Microsoft Azure CDN

Microsoft Azure CDN improve website speed

Microsoft Azure CDN is another good Option for CDN Services for WordPress or any other platform. If you are having a huge website and want to increase the performance of the site, then you can go with Microsoft Azure CDN.

The Microsoft Azure CDN offers a free trial before you buy it with $200 credit. It’s always a good idea to test the CDN before making payment so you have a trial period so you can easily find if it’s useful for you or not. If you are satisfied with the services, then you can Upgrade your account. They also providing WordPress integration guide, so you don’t have to waste more time for setup.

5. Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront best cdn network for website

Amazon CloudFront is another Good CDN Services by the Amazon. We all know Amazon is having world’s best Cloud Services (AWS), and now they are offering one of the top quality CDN Services. You can easily integrate Amazon CloudFront with WordPress or any other Platform.

The Amazon CloudFront is offering CDN services from the top 5 regions and because of that you will get the improvement in site speed, and you will give a Good user experience. You will get an admin panel so you can monitor your CDN services and performance. You always have a competitive price for the CDN from the Amazon.


CDN Services for WordPress always a good idea to improve the website speed and security. If you are having numbers of visitors and want to improve site speed to rank well in Google and other search engines, then you can choose one of the best CDN services from the above list. If you have a primary website will fewer visitors then you can go with the free CDN services like Cloudflare.

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