How to Embedded Facebook Video to WordPress Posts and Pages

How to Embedded Facebook Video to WordPress

As Facebook is one of the popular social media’s, we many be want to embedded the videos posted on there. Facebook video’s are also getting much popular now, you can see even some movie stars releases trailers and songs through… Continue Reading

How to Create and Add Tables into a Blogger Post

How To Add or Create Table inside a Blogger Post

During creating blogger posts we may need to add Tables, and we know that blogger comes with a lesser amount of tools. So here’s one simple method for creating and adding table inside a blogger post without the knowledge of HTML… Continue Reading

Creating Larger Thumbnails for YouTube video Links in Facebook

creating larger thumbnails for youtube video links in facebook

Youtubers will be disappointed by the latest Facebook updates, as the videos shared showing smaller thumbnails. The followers not much impressed with this look and also the post boosting won’t work well . YouTube video shared on Facebook shows a… Continue Reading

How to Setup CloudFlare Free CDN with your WordPress Site

how to setup cloudflare free cdn with your wordpress site

Page loading speed of your website is one of the elements taken in consider in Search Engine Rankings. It also deals with user experience as the visitors doesn’t like slow websites. Using CDN service like ClodFlare along with your site… Continue Reading